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NatureDevil performing at Bar Vertigo 5/5/06

The Velvet Cadillacs: What better way to start out a show then with some good guitar playing and well harmonized vocals
Hopefully we'll get to play with the Velvet Cadillacs again soon
They did a few covers that night including Green Day 'Welcome to Paradise'
Here is my ugly self trying to play guitar
Brandon and Arno on the Bar Vertigo stage
I love my Ibinez and I love my Line 6
Jay's Ibinez was in the repair shop, so he played the Jackson tonight
A little harmonizing of our own
This must have been during 'We're Big In Europe!' cause I can't think of any other part where Jay needs to look like that to sing it
The ending of 'Ellyse, Please, Put Down the Phone'
Jay kicking butt on the rarely seen Jackson guitar
More ugly shots of me
Those stage lights were pretty intense
Jeni, a.k.a. the Muse, got a lot of good photos tonight
Arno letting the room feel his presence
And I wonder why my solos sound like trash...
This is my favorite part of the show
Sometimes I wonder, 'just who the heck do I think I am?'
The stage presence of Sacrament of the Sick
Here we are with the Velvet Cadillacs, tired, soaked and sweaty after our set
At this point we were all sweaty and tired: Sacrament of the Sick doing there thing