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Debuting at the Tonik Bar 4/14/06

Strutting around in black and red
Arno, having no technical difficluties whatsoever
And I wonder why my solos sound like shit...
Never had so many technical issues to deal with in one set
Arno's bass amp missbehaved, but he still kicked ass
This is me trying to cover up Jay's inaudible solo
Despite our tech problems, the crowd got into us
Surprisingly, Brandon had no problems throughout the night, other than he is a sexy bitch and everyone wants him
Look at that, Jay playing on a full electric guitar
We really, really wanted to impress that night...
Here is me thinking I look cool while soloing
That sexy mutherfucker again
I really do love my guitar, I just don't always act like it
We were cheered, and for the first time ever, the crowd demanded an encore....
We kept our cool and prevailed over our obstacles for the night
And of course, we had to play with our bondage toys and the local college girls
Our ballgags go over extremly well at the if I could just get them to pay attention to our music....
Turning our ballgag into a vicious weapon
Cute drunk college girls and sex toys; one of the perks to being in NatureDevil
We actually got together long enough to pose for some pictures; this is Karen, who wants to book us for other shows at a few other bars
Drunk girls, NatureDevil, bondage toys - you know the formula by now