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Opening for Damaged Justice @ the Cue-N-You in Grayslake 3/25/06

Strutting around in our new shit
NatureDevil sporting red and black
And I wonder why my solos sound like shit
Damaged Justice tearing up the stage
The best Metallica tribute band in the Chicagoland area, Damaged Justice
We couldn't have opened for a cooler group of guys
Bad mutherfuckers in red and black
Jay doing what he does and me watching him
My Ibinez matches my tie
Brandon playing on a different drumset
Arno opening up a can of whoop ass
Is this a badass fucking shot or what?
Jay leading the way on the acoustic
Here I am doing my impersonation of a guitarist again
This stage was really fun to play on
Brandon ripping through the set, beat by beat
Jay keeping it real
Andy and his wife Dororthy; Andy saved us by re-stringing my guitar after my A broke during our set
Sarah, the gorgeous server for the night
Sarah loved the bondage toys we gave away; her legs and eyes kept distracting me the entire night
Oh, how hard it was trying to contain myself around her