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Three Show Weekend
The Mutiny 1/26/06
The Jefferson tap 1/27/06 and 1/28/06

Arno and Brandon hang out with Chuck and Mark from Sacrament of the Sick
Sacrament of the Sick tear up the stage at the Mutiny
Jay is pissed because we didn't help with any of the gear, sorry!
Sacrament of the Sick closing out their set
Meeting great people at the shows is the best reward
Arno getting some love from the women in the crowd
Why do I have to get nervous and make stupid faces when there are cute girls around? Damn my self esteem!
Oh yeah, NatureDevil with the ladies
They got closer as the night when on, and no, you aren't getting to see those photos...
This is Amy, one of the Mutiny bartenders who always keeps our water pitchers full (it get hot on stage under those lights) and takes care of us whenever we play there
Brandon behind the drums at the Mutiny
Making noise and playing up to the crowd
Rock on
Arno and Brandon holding down the fort
Doing some acoustic stuff
Finishing off our 2 hour long set by getting trashed onstage
Me hanging out with two gorgeous girls at the Jefferson Tap
Jimmy and Andy from Breaking Fate opening the show
Mike of Breaking Fate (either flipping his drumstick or flipping me off, I am not sure yet)
Me pretending I can solo
Playing at the Jefferson Tap on Saturday
A good shot of Brandon, since they are so hard to come by with him way back behind the drums
Jay impressing the crowd, as always
Look at that freaky fuck behind the drums!
Having a blast and entertaining the Jefferson Tap
I was ready to pass out at this point
Another creepy shot of Brandon doing his thing
Doing that thing I do where I fall on the ground at the end of a gig and shred my guitar strings up, making lots of noise
Arno, demonstrating the proper way to kick someones ass with a bass guitar