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This news page is where I archive my old updates. I have edited and deleted a few things to save space. I keep this page here simply for my own research, if anything else, open curiousity.

If you want to see the newest information (assuming you perhaps stumbled in here from an old link on Google or something) then click on the home page to get the latest info. Thanks.

I know, I know, I said I was going to take it easy in March, and suddenly here I go again flooded with more stuff.

NatureDevil auditioned and earned a spot in a Triton College 'Battle of the Bands' tournament on Saturday, March 17th. Yup, St. Patty's Day. Tickets are $8, the show is all ages, and it will be the biggest stage we have ever played on. There will be a huge screen behind us hooked up to a laptop so we can have some images and artwork flowing throughout our set as well. The show will be video taped.

Also, we advanced in Emergenza to round 2, which will be at the Note on Saturday, April 21st. John Michaels also advanced and he'll be playing with us that same day (which technically means I am once again pulling a double). Tickets are $10 for that show.

Jay is playing Bird's Nest this Friday, and I will spend most of this week rehearsing or in the studio. I am trying to catch up on some movies including stuff by Akira Kurasawa and Alfred Hitchcock, the Marx Brothers and some other random classics here and there, so I should get back to that good ol' R and R that we all love and need. Take care...

Due to a major ice storm, NatureDevil along with Jason Kluss and John Michaels pulled out of the Harmony Roadhouse show this past weekend, but rehearsal was accomplished as well as much tom foolery, if you will.

It has been a busy week. NatureDevil advanced to the second round of Emergenza, and we were given Saturday, April 21st at the Note to play. We are also entered in a Battle of the Bands (oh, the good ol' days) at Triton College on Saturday, March 17th. Yup, St. Patty's Day.

Aside from more work in the studio, this will be a brief update for you all. March was supposed to be the month where we rest and take it easy, but I can already see me being flooded with lots of work. Oh well. 'Tis the life of a musician. Take care.

Emergenza, you drive me nuts. What can you expect from a company that expects you to show up over 6 hours before the show starts for soundcheck for a 25 minute set that you aren't getting paid for? Check out the pictures page for all the new galleries.

Not like we care about getting paid, but we care about our jobs and lives enough to know that playing at the Note is probably last on our agenda of important things in life relating to music. But, we played extremely well. Probably cause we only did 5 songs, which limited our chances of major clusterfucks on stage, but we still played well. Met some cool bands, too.

And we did again on Thursday. I would tell you the details of the interview if you missed it, but that would ruin the fun. I'll have up for download in a few weeks with some photos.

I still have work tonight with John Michaels and Jason Kluss at the Note and the Gallery Cabaret, respectively. Next week, we all ship out to Marengo to play the Harmony Roadhouse, and after that... ((Hawaiian music starts playing in background)) we go on vacation!!

Not really. Basically, we are taking a month off from shows... almost all of March to relax and focus on things. I have John Michaels and Jason Kluss to focus on, both who have shows in March, plus Naturedevil will get some major rehearsal in for new material. Oh, and yeah, the studio. Lots more to complete in there. I am hoping to have everything aside from vocals completed before March comes to a close.

In the meantime, I'll be booking April and May, as well as stuff for Jay and John, so stick to this website for all of that. Hope you are all staying warm from the cold. Take care and until next time...

Penny Road Pub was awesome last night, but we have an even busier schedule this upcoming week.

For starters, we will be live on Fearless Radio again Thursday at 6pm. Friday, we play the Note. Saturday, I will be playing bass for John Michaels at the Note around 9pm, then I race over to the Gallery Cabaret to play bass for for Jason Kluss around midnight. That doesn't even take into consideration studio time earlier in the week and possible Sunday too.

Because of the studio, I have been slacking on booking new dates. I may give us a relaxed schedule for March (well, relaxed for the band, as I'll still have shows with Jason and John, plus my studio work) and then start booking us again full time in April.

...been thinking about a mini national tour in the late summer...

The updates were so big this weekend it took till Monday to have it posted...

This was one of the more intense band weekends we've ever had. It started with one of the best shows we ever played at Tiger O'Stylies on the south side in below zero weather. Then, we went to Kalamazoo, Michigan to play the Corner Bar in the middle of a snow storm.

We met a cool band called Paperstreet and got to play with our buddies the Promise Takers again. The bar was packed all night and our songs got great response. I definitely want to play there again.

The Corner Bar was a little different. We stayed at Andy's summer house in South Haven, but had to endure a massive blizzard that came in off of Lake Michigan. We got lost in a 20 below zero snowstorm on dark, unlit roads in the middle of nowhere for most of the night till we arrived.

The local Kalamazoo bands cancelled due to the snow (pussies) but we made it. More people that night seemed to care about the ballgags more than us, but hey, we still impressed those who were there and we had a lot of fun. You'll see when you check out both galleries on the pictures page.

We have more studio recording this week and Penny Road Pub next weekend. We are still on the lookout for a permanent bass player, but for now Andy is doing a bang up job filling in. Take care, and we'll see you next week...

A small update, for a change. No show at Bar Vertigo tonight as the damn bar closed down. As disapointed as we all were, I took the free weekend to work on material for the album. Since I am doing the basslines, I am making it a priority to make sure they kick a particular kind of ass when I lay them down.

It has been a trying few weeks. I have delt with people who are chronic liars, people who were bitter and angry at everyone else for their own problems, people who refuse to do anything for themselves and then complain later about their current situation, and people who have no idea how to keep contact with other people, especially when it involves important shit.

So, by isolating myself from the rest of the world for a bit, I have worked on nothing but bass, all weekend long. Bass for Jason Kluss, bass for John Michaels, and bass for NatureDevil. I have more recording this week, and hopefully, the bass and distorted guitars will all be completed by mid February. Rich worked on his house, Andy worked on his basslines, Jay narrowly avoided death in a car accident and I am still ugly.

Next week, we debut at two new venues; Tiger O'Stylie's in Berwyn and the Corner Bar in Kalamazoo, Michigan! Yup. Our first out of state gig for the year. With the summer house up there, and Super Bowl Sunday the next day, next weekend promises to be one of the more enjoyable weekends in a long time. I need it.

Excellent show at Rascal's last night. Lots of people, lots of music, I was very surprised by how great it all turned out.

John Michaels opened up the show and I joined in on bass for a few songs. After that, Jay took the stage and Mike took the drumming to a whole new level. Can't remember the last time I had this much fun at a show.

Uh, yeah... Elvis was at the show. I love Pete. NatureDevil played, we had people join us on stage, and we overall had a great night of noise and rock. I was surprised at how well it went.

But let's not allow this to go to our heads now! I have a lot of work ahead in the studio. I go back Monday to lay down more tracks. We are also going to be printing up some nicer artwork for posters to hang around the city for more upcoming gigs. Busy, busy, busy. I need to get some sleep, it is too early for me to be doing this shit. The pictures are uploaded on the pictures page, so go check them out. Take care...

I am looking forward to the completion of the album. New songs are being written again, but I promise I will not slow down production of this album; the new songs will have to wait for the next album.

Andy is fitting in nicley as the NatureDevil understudy bass player. As we continue our search for a new bassist (wait till the auditions start...) we seem to be moving at a comfortable pace. Soraya and Cecilia are becoming much more prominent at NatureDevil shows too; I'll have to give them each a profile...

That would start us with Stage 83 last night. Baby and Hyde are the weirdest band we have played with to date, but they forth a good, solid show. They even came up and sang Nirvana with us in the middle of our set. The Promise Takers also put on an excellent performance, and they were having a fucking blast on stage. It was a great night, and Stage 83 always has a great stage to play on.

It has been a great week. NatureDevil was mentioned on Q101 again. I am also a lot less stressed then I was a month ago. I even bought a few new video games to play with and relax. Next week we have Rascal's, then Bar Vertigo, then Tiger O'Stylies and we go for a weekend of fun at Andy's summer house on the lake while we thrash the hell of the Corner Bar in Kalamazoo, MI. Can't fucking wait for that. Until then, I have work to do and I should get back to it.

Been a pretty frigging brutal week. I have had to dance around so many ridiculous issues I am amazed at the kind of shit I still manage to pull off.

Both shows went well. Martyr's was boring because nobody comes to shows on a Wednesday, and Memories was exciting because everyone needs an excuse to get drunk and make noise on a Saturday. Soraya and John both put on great performances to open up the night Saturday.

Mike drummed his ass off during Jay's set and Andy filled in for bass due to the deportation of Arno from the band (oh yeah, Arno is not in NatureDevil anymore) after learning the basslines to our entire set 3 hours before stagetime!! Thanks Andy.

Then of course, there was the Velvet Cadillacs closing out the night. It was great night of friends hanging out, with no stress or agitation. I returned to the studio over the weekend to re record some basslines as Arno will no longer be affiliated with NatureDevil. We are looking for a bassist as I type this, and we have Andy covering for a while, but I have already had offers, so it shouldn't go on too long. In the meantime, the album will go as scheduled and we will keep plowing forward as we always do.

What, you thought some little bullshit would slow me down??

Happy New year to everyone reading this!! After spending lots of time working out the Year In Review for 2006 last week, I decided it would be a good time to start thinking about new goals to hit in 2007.

It is only the start of the year and we already broke some new ground. Our photo debuted in the Illinois Entertainer this month for our show at Stage 83. It was so cool to see a photo of NatureDevil in the IE, a Chicago music zine I have been reading for over a decade. We have had our name in it a lot last year, but this was the first time our photo graced the pages of it.

This is the year the NatureDevil album comes out. Maybe even a few music videos, of higher quality and better direction than our last effort. Can we do more than 42 shows? I am aiming for close to 50, which is roughly a show per weekend.

I also plan on getting played on Q101 again, somehow. Not quite sure how I'll pull that off yet. I also want to get a gig at the Metro.

Then there are the basics... I want to get on more radio stations, I want to do more recording and learn new songs, I want many of those booked shows to be at places new to us, including some more out of state gigs, and I want to have more things to give away such as posters, stickers and other forms of NatureDevil thingies.

Of course, all of it requires your help, you being the person who comes to our shows, who cheers us on, who votes for us in the online poles, and who sends me the occassional e-mail telling me something that will make me smile or feel better. All of this takes a lot of work, and it really can single handedly kill a human being with the incredible weight is brings with it. But it is still worth it to me, and I hope it is to you. Let's make this year kick ass.


"Holy shit." I think that is about all I can say for this year regarding NatureDevil. We have met and surpassed almost every goal I had set for this year. On almost every playing field a band can be on, we accomplished more than I could have ever imagined.

First, we have our live shows. This year, NatureDevil performed 42. That is almost a show per week. We also learned a great deal of covers, wrote some new material and increased our maximum stage time to over 3 straight hours. We met over a dozen great bands, put on some great shows and debuted at 23 new venues.

This year we performed our first paying gigs and performed our first out of state gig. Rebel Radio picked us up in rotation, and we performed live and were interviewed on and WLUW 88.7 FM. Oh, and then there was that Q101 thing where Fook played "We're Big In Europe!" on a Monday afternoon for all of Chicago to hear.

We lost Brandon and gained Rich for a drummer. We also gained vocal assistance from vixens Soraya and Cecilia. Production on both records is at full blast. An official demo was released, "Through the Red," which got great reviews. Jay released his solo debut record "No Fear In Me" in January at the begining of 2006.

We produced official press kits that were sent all over the city of Chicago. The webpage has expanded, and we finally developed a MySpace account, which has helped us to grow beyond the people at the bar at the Mutiny and will hit the one thousand mark by years end.

We've won competitions, spread ourselves all over the Internet, and introduced Chicago women to over a thousand ballgags. Being a very loud, heavy sounding band, we spread out of our circle and performed our first ever acoustic show.

We also have a YouTube account where you can see a terribly made, but still entertaining video for "We're Big In Europe!" as well as almost dozen videos from our live performances throughout the year.

Then there is Q101. First, we were nominated for the Friday night local band showdown with Sherman, then we were played by Fook on the Alternate Universe on a Monday afternoon, and now we are listed on the Q101 website with a profile that you can vote on what you think of us.


This year has, however, done one terribly horrible thing to NatureDevil that I have no idea of how we will recover... how the hell can we top all of this in 2007???

...I'll figure out something...

Next week I am going to post a special "Year in Review for 2006" where I take a look at the huge strives we've made in these last 12 months.

We played at Good Times last night with an acoustic Velvet Cadillacs and Under the Sun (if we could clash any more) even though my throat hurt like hell. We kinda celebrated Rich's birthday, and overall had a great night, playing our last show of the year (and our 42nd as well, what a great number...). The sound was incredible, and the crowd had a blast.

Wow, we did 42 shows this year. I remember when doing 5 shows a year was a big deal. Not only will we surpass that in 2007, but we have a few records that need to be released, dammit. Some videos are on the way, and maybe a bit more out of state traveling as well.

Thanks to all those who came out last night. You know where to go to see pictures from the show; oh oh oh!!! The pictures page is organized now in chronological order, so you can actually find the gallery you are looking for!! Took long enough. Enjoy.

Not only are we hard at work on both our album and LP, but we have a date set for the recording of our live album!

The NatureDevil live album will be recorded Thursday, February 22nd by Michael Charles, courtesy of Sammary Studios and Moonlight Label, at The 46 Zone in Bolingbrook, IL. The release of the recording may not be till much later in the year, but if you want to secure yoru screaming on the recording, then you need to be there and you need to be LOUD!!!

Oh, we also won out that online Battle of the Bands thing at the Steamroller Online E-Zine which you can check out by clicking here. They have an article about us, and I think we will be entered in another contest for the next week, which means head on over and vote for us!

I need a break. We got signed on for our first gig ever at Martyr's, which is also our first gig of 2007 (so far). The new year is shaping up to be pretty busy.

The end of our show last night at Red Line Tap marks the begining of a well needed break we are taking in the month of December to work on new material, new covers, and studio recording.

Piano Reeves and Lost Dog both gave excellent performances, as was expected. Playing up on the north side on a Sunday turned out to be better than one would think, considering the blistering cold we got hit with. Now, we can relax, with only one more show this month to think about.

By the way, NatureDevil is involved in an online Battle of the Bands of sorts with a online zine called Steamroller. Steamroller is the brainchild of Worn Records, and we'd really love it if you voted for us by clicking here to check us out. You'll see the voting box in the top right corner.

As I mentioned last week, there will be three NatureDevil records to be released in 2007; the full length album (which is looking to be between 12 and 16 tracks), the five song LP, and a live CD. We will be recording the live record sometime in early 2007, and we will need as many of our fans as possible to be there to cheer for us and make some noise! Yes, if you yell at us at appropriate times, you may hear yourself on a NatureDevil record. Of course, you'll have to wait for more on that next week when the information is confirmed.

Just got back from Madison, WI where we played the Klinic. Yup. NatureDevil has performed our first out of state show.

Eh. Lots of work was involved, people whined, attitudes flared, and the overall experience could have been duplicated by me simply dousing myself in gasoline and igniting my head with a match. But, we marched on and put forth a damn solid show, with Cecilia who came with us and sang her heart out, even if is was only for a few songs at the end of our short set.

Our touring schedule was at one point loaded with 16 gigs. Now we are down to a small handful as I have slowed the booking to allow time for the studio. You'll be seeing more reports here of the studio work as more is completed. All I can say, is it looks like there will be a total of three NatureDevil records coming out next year. More on this next week....

Well, we are in the middle of drum track recording. Our show at the Elbo Room on Wednesday was a lot better than we anticipated, especially for a weeknight show that charges $5 at the door.

There were only two bands booked; us and a band from Philidelphia called Soraia. The Billy Idol cover saved our asses as it brought several people down from the upstairs and we had a fairly large audience by the end of our set. Soraia also came up onstage and did the Nirvana thing with us, which fucking rocked. They are a tough act to follow. You can see photos from the show on the pictures page.

We have recording to finish all weekend, and then we break yet another boundary in our career when we play our first out of state show in Madison, WI on the Friday after Thanksgiving. John Michaels is joining us to open up the show, and a big local guy is headlining the event. If you are interested in joining our massive convoy to the show and to stay with us all through Saturday night, you know how to get a hold of me.

I am working on a major update for the end of this year that will chronicle all the great things we have done in 2006. This year has been the most musically productive year ever. It will be a pretty big update. Take care....

I remember when I used to update this page several years ago, and I wouldn't have anything interesting to write for weeks at a time. Now, every 7 days is a major thing where I barely have enough time to get it all working.

We have three full galleries uploaded from our WLUW 88.7 FM performance Thursday, Rascals' on Friday and Penny Road Pub on Saturday, as well as our WLUW stint in mp3 format on the music page.

First, we need to thank Razor and Di from WLUW for inviting us into the studios to do our thing. We performed "What the Heck?," "We're Big in Europe!," and "I Think I Was Born Depressed" which all turned out pretty cool if I could just remember the damn lyrics to the songs properly. I am now understanding how Kurt Cobain felt most of the time onstage.

Rascal's was a huge success. We played all night long, and got a great response from the crowd. Cecilia and Soraya were present and joined us for the usual splurge of covers, and we ate chocolate cake in celebration of Arno's birthday.

Finally, we had Penny Road Pub the last night with Symptom and Rough Trade. What a brutal show. We played fairly well, but the overall nigth was tough just from playing for three hours the night before. I pulled it off, though. I need to give my voice a rest if I am going to do Elbo Room on Wednesday night.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows to make them all kick ass. You people all make it fun and worth the effort.

There is a little paragraph about us in the Illinois Entertainer this month regarding our studio work. Oh, and I finally uploaded the Fearless Radio interview up on the music page, so go check that out.

As for our debut at Wings N' Things last night., I can't say enough good things about it. Having a good PA system makes all the difference in the world. If it wasn't for the fact I felt sick before we started and I got worse as it went on, I would say it was probably one of the better shows we had done.

The Velvet Cadillacs and John Michaels were also in top form. Both of them all agreed the PA was a huge bonus... can't wait till I get the big sucker early next year for all our gigs. You can see some great shots from the show of all three groups on the pictures page.

We will be on WLUW this Thursday around 1pm with Di (shown above) and Razor. We'll be interviewed and allowed to play a few songs live and loud, so check us out on 88.7 FM WLUW. Then, Friday we play several hours straight for a free all ages show at Rascal's in LaGrange Park around 10pm and Penny Road Pub on Saturday around the same time. Hope to see some of you guys there. Take care...

I love huge updates. We played Tonik on Friday, we performed our first acoustic show Saturday, we have new links up and I still need to upload Fearless Radio.

First, there is our slowly growing MySpace page. I am trying to rotate in new photos all the time, as well as try to keep the information fresh, but it gets hard when you already manage a website as big as this one.

I built us a YouTube account and loaded up our video for "We're Big In Europe!" as well as a few live videos. I am going to upload several more over the course of the following week.

There was a blood and gore and all that gooey stuff at Tonik, and there was the exact opposite at our first ever acoustic show at MoJoe's. The Dynamos and the Gornys did a great job on Friday and John Michaels was excellent as always on Saturday. You know where to look by now for the galleries to both shows; yes I managed to get them both up in one weekend.

Next week... next week is Wing N' Things. I have no idea what to expect from this show, but Soraya is opening up with a small set, John Michaels is going to do his thing and the Velvet Cadillacs will close out the night. I am nervous about this show for several reason, but none of them concern you, so what have you got to worry about?? Until we meet again...

I have no idea where to begin this week... we played U. S. Beer Co. last night, we performed live on Fearless Radio Thursday, Q101 played us on Monday, we have a new You Tube account and our first music video is up...

First, Q101. Fook played us in his Alternate Universe on Monday afternoon. You can read the last update below to get all of my thoughts on that. I added his closing comments upon playing our song on the music page if you wish.

Then we were invited to Fearless Radio on Thursday to hang out and talk with Rocco and Chris about everything we have been doing, including plugging our U. S. Beer Co. show on Friday night. No FCC made it very fun. We played a few songs acoustic, and did a full interview, all of which will be available for download next week on this website. You can see a few pictures from the interview on the pictures page.

As for the U. S. Beer Co. show last night, we had a blast. I want to thank the Velvet Cadillacs, Under the Sun and the Promise Takers for doing an excellent job last night and pulling off outstanding performances. You can see the gallery on the pictures page, as always.

If you dig around on the music page, you'll see a crappy linking to our music video for "We're Big In Europe!" which we finally completed. It works, it just looks goofy. I'll fix it later.

I need sleep again. White Castles at 3am can be devastating to a person who hasn't had them in a while. Almost every page on this site has been updated in one form or another, so dig around and see what is new. I am going to bed, I really need some...... zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz...

Q101 played us yesterday afternoon!!

101.1 FM in the city of Chicago is WKQX, better known as Q101 to most people. Every weekday at 3:30pm, afternoon radio host Fook hosts the Alternate Universe, where he plays ridiculous things ranging from utterly goofy songs to some of the coolest rarities you won't hear anywhere else.

This week, he chose to play local bands. And holy shit, he picked NatureDevil with "We're Big In Europe!" to play.

This means a lot because Fook is a professional DJ on one of the biggest radio stations in the market of Chicagoland, and he personally chose our song to let loose on the airwaves. Over the last month or so, hundreds of bands (I am sure) have sent in their songs and demos to be played, but Fook chose us, out of the five he picked for local week on the Alternate Universe. That is a huge honor for us, to know that we impressed him that much.

Yes, he is getting something special in the mail from us this week. We are honored, humbled, grateful, scared, nervous and a little sticky right now. You can click on the link below to read the blog he posted about us below:

Being played in the early afternoon on a Monday is a huge deal. Thanks to everyone who has supported us, we will keep moving forward!!!!!

I have been playing this custom made Carvin guitar for a bit, and it sucks ass. It isn't Carvin's fault, it's the fault of the monkeys who custom designed and paid too much for it.

I keep it as a backup at our shows incase I break a string on the Ibinez, which I did at Brisku's last night. Muttonchop Joyce and Symptom each put on great performances, and we'll be playing with each of them again at future shows. As always, you can go to the pictures page to see the photo from last nights' show.

We have studio time booked to complete the album, a few live radio interviews, and several really good gigs where we play three to four hours, filling up the entire night. I am purchasing all the components I want for a professional PA system, which should be completed before the end of the year.

For October, we have Fearless Radio on Thursday the 19th, U.S. Beer Company Saturday the 20th, the Tonik Bar on Friday the 27th and our acoustic show on Saturday the 28th at MoJoe's.

In November we play Penny Road Pub again, and we make our debut at the Elbo Room, Wings N' Things, Rascal's, our live performance and interview on 88.7 FM at WLUW Radio and our first out of state gig in Madison, Wisconsin at the Klinic. December brings us back to Champs as well as Redline Tap and Good Times (where Local H just played!!) right by my house.

Hope to see you guys at our shows, and check out the new females who have been playing and singing with us, Soraya and Cecilia. They'll both be back, I promise....

This morning I had to put my dog to sleep. He was too old and he was suffering too much. I love my dog because he had done things for me no human had ever done, and for that, he will always be remembered and apreciated and loved.
Shadow 1992 - 2006. Take care, puppy.

There were so many pictures taken from Memories on Saturday by so many people that it look all of Sunday to go through it all. You know where to look to find them

I wanna thank Soraya and Cecilia for being too damn beautiful on stage Saturday. They joined for a few covers and completly dominated. Soraya also gets major props for opening up the show with a few acoustic songs (including an original) and thus losing her stage performance virginity. This picture below does something for me....

Also, we need to give out respect to Mike Sabia on the drums making his debut for Jason Kluss. Holy shit, the room was on fire for this guy. He even joined NatureDevil at the end with his snare on stage. Jay will be booking a lot more shows now that we are comfortable with a solid performing drummer like Mike.

We have 13 gigs between now and Christmas, but the big important ones are Rascal's in November and Good Times in December. We will also being doing a live on air interview and performance on The Razor and Di Show on 88.7 FM WLUW around 1pm Thursday, November 9th.

My bathroom is torn to shreds, I have a lot of work to get done by next weekend or Andy is going to kill me, and I had to put my 14 year old dog to sleep today because he is too old and in a lot of pain, so I am kind of in a blah mood to update any more right now.

I promse I will focus more on the site after next weeks show at Brisku's, wherever the hell that place is. Muttonchop Joyce and Symptom will be there with us. Take care and I shall talk to you soon.

My computer has been hit with these bullshit advertisement viruses. I really wish I could sue someones ass over this bullshit. My weekend consists of me tearing apart my bathroom and going to war with this computer infection.

First, aside from our rotation on Rebel Radio, we are now on WLUW 88.7 FM in the city! Incrediblty energetic and cute radio host Di (that's her in the pics below) played us on Thursday afternoon. Hopefully we can get into a rotation and possibly even come on air to perform acoustic. I offered to make a lasagna lunch for them, I am waiting to hear back (cross your fingers).

Check out and look up the Di and Razor show to find out more about them and what they do.

We have ten gigs lined up between now and Christmas, with one or two more showing up in December. We return to the studio in November to start the final stages of album production. We have a few more photo sets coming your way, and a gig next Saturday at Memories with Jason Kluss and his band along with Planet Struck.

The rest of this year will be busy as hell. I will still keep up with the updates, but hopefully some major growth and changes will take place here that will make things more interesting. Things like the announcement of some CD release dates. Take care....

We are on our way to getting out a full length album. The dates are being determined, drum tracks are going to be redone, and vocals will be remixed. Talks have been happening all week.

After our Q101 thing last week, motivation has been extremly high. We are currently being played in rotation on Rebel Radio, but I worked on expanding our audience by sending out press kits to the local shows on WLUP, WKQX, WXRT, WLUW, WNUR, WHPK and even Dr. Demento (he can play "We're Big In Europe!")

You'll also notice we have our first out of state gig booked in Madison, WI at the Klinic in November. I have contacted many Chicago clubs we have yet to play including the Fireside, the Empty Bottle, the Metro, Subeterranean, the Beat Kitchen, the Hideout and the Dark Room as well as several others and out of state places in Iowa, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Weird Al has a new record out this coming Tuesday, and of course my loser self will be at Tower Records in the morning to grab it. That's just what I do.

As for the album, all I can say is there will be a full length album as well as the 5 song LP that I have been talking about. I am very excited about releasing everything, hopefully in January. Yeah, I want a 2007 stamp on it.

I'll have more info next week on everything. This week is a slow update since we have a 2 week break from shows to work on those 6 new songs. Until we meet again...

We have two, count them TWO, new galleries up this weekend. One for our show from Bar Vertigo last night and the other from our Q101 tour that we did throughout the week at Gilhooley's, Sean's Rhino and the 46 Zone.

Feelium opened up with a powerful set, and Under the Sun closed out the show with a crowd cheering to Black Sabbath's "War Pigs." You know where to go to see the photos from that show, as well as our Q101 open mic night tour.

We lost the Q101 local band mailroom competition by one vote, but by that point going out and doing the open mics and making the flyers and doing the MySpace promo didn't matter. It boiled down to who could create the most e-mail accounts to register and vote with. Instead of going out every night of the week passing out leaflets and performing like we did, we probably should have stayed home and registered nonexistent voters.

This incident has, however, fostered more energy in it and has brought a lot of new people to the table, as was evident by last nights' show. We had more people listening to our loss than others had listening to their victory.

Last week, we grabbed over a hundred new MySpace friends, and we packed Bar Vertigo with old friends and new faces. Our loss also hardened a new growing fanabase. So our hard work did pay off, just not in the way we had hoped. Either way, we have 5 shows in October coming up, and a slew more developing for November and December, an album almost finished, and a music video which will hopefully be edited and ready by next week (Brandon has finals this week, so you know....).

I want to thank everyone who voted for us. Your votes were honest, clean, damn well appreciated and worth more than anyone elses' votes last week. It was a slap in the face to those people who cared to vote and make a difference, ranging from Chicago to California to Bulgaria; to have them deemed useless by e-mail fraud. We won't let it be in vain, not when there is a stage and alcohol around. Check out both of the new photo galleries, and have a great week.

Remember all those times I begged and pleaded you all to come and vote for us at shows and concerts? Well, the good news is now you can vote for us without spending a dime or wasting your Friday night watching us butcher Nirvana songs at the Mutiny.

Chicago radio station Q101 DJ Sherman has selected us for the Q101 Local Music Mailroom. What is that? Here is how Sherman describes it...

"Every week, Sherman will pull four local artists out of local music mail room at Q101. Come to this page each week and listen to the new group of local artists and vote for who you like best. Friday night Sherman will play back the song from the artist that has the highest rating."

Click here, or the above image for the link.

Let the begging commence. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! VOTE FOR US!!!! I WANNA BE PLAYED ON Q101 BEFORE I DIE!!!!!!

Embarassing pleading aside, I am very honored that we got chosen to be part of this, especially when there is such a massive, diverse amount of musical talent in the city of Chicago waiting to be discovered every day. The opportunity to have "We're Big In Europe!" played on Q101 is such a thrill to me that it will probably dominate the rest of this week.

And hey, after we suffer a humiliating defeat Friday night, why not come celebrate with us Saturday at Bar Vertigo?

Bar Vertigo
Saturday, September 16th @ 9pm
853 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL
(773) 395-3002
$5 @ the door, 21 and over
Also performing: Feelium, Under the Sun

Our first music video is in post production right now; when it is ready it will be added to the site. Two, maybe three weeks? Not only will we be taking photos from our Bar Vertigo gig, we'll be recording it. Which means, the next morning you can come here to the site not just for photo goodness but also a video or two from the show. We'll have some demos to hand out and our homemade bondage sex toys for the girls, as always.

Anyway, I am tired and sick right now, so I need to get some rest. Hot tea, grape juice and some Final Fantasy should do it. It has been three weeks of break; this upcoming weekend is going to fucking rock.

One week into our mini three week "vacation" from doing shows and we have six new original songs as well as several new covers. Our record of playing nonstop at a show was 2 and a half hours; I now think we are well over the three hour mark.

I have no idea when we will be playing any of the new songs at shows considering some of them at this stage of their developement have compeling titles like "That New One In B Flat Minor," but I can say they will kick ass when we are fully prepared to perform them.

Our break from gigging has been great for getting things done. I am returning to the studio in a few weeks to lay down some more vocal tracks for the album (remember the album?) and I am working out marketing tools for John Michaels now that we finished all of his artwork.

Jason Kluss has a new drummer, former Breaking Fate drummer Mike Sabia. Due to this new arrangement, Jay will be opening up at our Memories show on Saturday, October 7th. Hopefully we can begin work on his followup album to "No Fear In Me" which so far is untitled.

Oh, and I am starting a new business. It has to do with lighting and stuff, nothing band related unless you count the fact that my gear will hopefully be financed by it.

So that is everything. Yeah, I am very busy. I haven't even gotten into the whole picture of my life right now, but all I can say is life is finally kicking ass, and not just mine for a change. Maybe I'll put up more info about the new songs next week. Hell, maybe by then they will all have titles. Take care...

Man, do we need a break. We have been playing gigs almost every weekend (some two gigs a week) since almost March. Now, we take a well deserved 3 week break to practice, work on new material and learn some new covers. Oh, and to get soem gear repaired too.

Last night at the Big Horse was okay; Thursday gigs are always kinda ho-hum. Pictures are up, of course. While adding new stuff, I am going to be removing older galleries of photos to make room for newer ones.

Oh, and our music video production. Every band I asked who said they would help us pulled out. Every band. We're talking over a dozen bands who were all thrilled at the idea of helping us out vanished, so we had to improvise. It is the weirdest, shittiest thing you will ever see, but I am very proud of it.

From now on, the new concepts for our videos (which we start shooting in the fall) will contain only us and as few extras as possible, because counting on people is useless. As I know being in a band, the only people I can count on are myself and my bandmates (and a few loyalists). I am looking forward to our video shoot for Abrasion in the fall.

So, what will I be posting here over the next three weeks? Very little. I'll probably redesign a few things, clean out old crap, and add a few small luxuries to the site. We have work to do, and I need to get shit done. So until next update, keep in touch, we have a gig in September and a massive October to deal with...

Why aren't the Muppet Babies out on DVD yet? These are the kinds of questions MySpace brings up in my daily life. Well, the people I talk to on them. Hi Jessi. If you haven't friended us on MySpace yet, visit and do so now.

Here are some cute pics of Rich and Arno from last nights gig at Silvies. The show was okay despite us not being able to hear ourselves and having a small Thursday night crowd, plus an ex girlfriend making me extra nervous by showing up (though I am glad she came) and my nerves being overall shot about the video shoots we are doing this weekend; I am surprised I didn't explode from everything caving in on me.

All of this crap going on is preventing me from going to see Snakes On A Plane this weekend. That pisses me off, but those are the sacrafices I make for my music. Sssssssss...ssss...shit.....

I will update the info about our video project next week when I upload our new Big Horse photos, just like ther Silvies photos that are up now. Yeah, we open up at the Big Horse Lounge next Thursday. After that, we get a few weeks of breaktime to focus on our shit......

Bam! I had a blast playing Penny Road Pub last night, despite technical issues with Jay's damn acoustic. We had a decent crowd, the other bands kicked ass, and the overall sound was excellent throughout the night.

We had the guys from Under the Sun come up and sing Nirvana with us while Jay delt with his guitar. In the end, the guitarist from Under the Sun was so unbelievable fucking cool enough to loan Jay his Gibson to finish off our set that we could not thank this guy enough. I wish I could remember his fucking name right now!!

Anyways, it was a good night, and I am sure we'll be doing shows with Lost Dog and Under the Sun again in the future. After last night, we agreed on finally taking Jay's backup acoustic to get it repaired so we can have it with us more.

We have our music video production next weekend as well as Silvies on Thursday. Several new shows have been added to the tour dates page including our first ever acoustic gig, and as always, you can see photos from last nights gig through the pictures page. Until we meet again...

The two shows we had this weekend were an incredible success, complete with me being nervous and scared to play the first one, and having Brandon, whom we haven't played with in months, fill in for the second one.

First, I need to thank First Round Failure, the Gornys, the Dead Americans, HeadRush, and the Atomic Thunderlizards (twice) for pulling out all the stops and playing good, solid shows. Being professional and kicking butt on stage are great qualities to have, and these bands all had it.

We played Tonik on Friday and the U.S. Beer Co. on Saturday, and I was very proud of my band both nights. Brandon filled in for Rich on Saturday, and he did an excellent job as well. All the bands were invited on stage to join us in singing Nirvana's "Breed," and the crowd went nuts both nights. Fuck, if we could only do that EVERY weekend.

Next week we make our debut at the PennyRoad Pub. Another show I am nervous about (I saw Local H there once, so...). We also have our music video recording taking place on Saturday, October 19th at the Mutiny. Hopefully, I have found everyone who wants to fill in the roles we need to fill.

Alright, I need to get some sleep. All the photos for both shows are uploaded to the pictures page; scroll down, they are both near the bottom so go check them out. Until next time...

Lots of stuff going on, so let me figure out where to start...

Our show this weekend at the Jefferson Tap was cancelled and is being replaced with a nightlong photoshoot and pubcrawl....which will kind of overlap as the night goes on, from what I suspect.

We have four new gigs just added this week, as well as a few more on the way. On the tour dates page are the Penny Road Pub on Friday, August 11th, the Big Horse Lounge on Thursday, August 24th, Bar Vertigo on Saturday, September 16th, and Brisku's on Saturday, October 14th. I am especially looking forward to those as we have never played Pennyroad or Brisku's before. Newer dates coming up include Phyllis' Musical Inn, Subterranean, Elbo Room and the Empty Bottle.

We begin filming for our first two music videos the weekend of August 19th and 20th. A casting call will go into effect when I get around to posting it early next week. So if you want to be in the video, we could really use your help.

Oh, and we are on Rebel Radio now. Every night Monday through Saturday from midnight to 2am, turn to 1240 AM and you can hear our stuff. On Sundays, we'll be on 1330 AM between 4 and 8pm.

I think that about covers it. Other than that, we have two kick ass shows next weekend that will be packed and will blow people away (those who come, that is). So make plans to get drunk at the Tonik Bar on Friday and the U.S. Beer Co. on Saturday. Until we meet again.....

Two new galleries are opened up on the pictures page; one from our debut at Legends over the weekend and the other our debut from Silvies. Both shows went well, despite a short set due to opening band issues at Legends. We play Silvies again next month, and I am looking forward to that.

We played with 40 Lashes who was on tour from Detroit who opened the show, followed by Squeegie who is the house band, and just before us came Silas Assigned who had a really cute chick singer and drummer. There were many cute girls there last night but I was too scared to talk to any of them after we played (when you are sweaty and tired from jumping around like an idiot all night, your self esteem plumets). All three bands were excellent.

We got invited to play the Penny Road Pub on August 11th, and although it is kind of short notice for a show of that caliber, I am going to rush into promotions for it. Dammit, I need to get off my ass and get the damn color posters printed; I am not sure how much longer I can get away with those stupid Kinkos printed copies.

I mean, our flyers look cooler and are more interesting than most other peoples' band artwork, they are just always confined to being black and white in an eight and a half by elevin inch prison. I need to tackle that. It is too early in the morning for me to be doing this shit, I am going back to bed. Until next time... ZZZzzzZZZzzz...

Sometimes I wonder about people; but then it goes away. Interesting stuff going on, all out of left field. Oh, and two shows decided to present themselves this weekend.

One of them involves the wonderful world of MySpace. Ah yes, no matter how much people say they hated high school, they can relive it everyday through MySpace. I also have a car door that suddenly decided it will not open for anyone unless you ask it nicely with a coathanger.

I have also discovered that, unfortunatly, the best repair shops in the city often hijak your gear for months at a time. You know, because that one piece that Fender makes is manufactured on a mountain top in Tibet that can only be reached through several days of hiking and a few martial arts matches against Buddahist monks so you can win the fucking part to drag it back to Elmhurst and have it professionally installed by Mr. T on a Tuesday..... ugh. Point is, my Line 6 is back, finally. I want to thank Andy for the use of his Carvin tube amp over the last several months.

There is a bar called Legends on Lake Street in Addison; no I can't find the address anywhere. NatureDevil will be performing tonight and Jason Kluss with his band will be playing tomorrow night (that means I get to play bass). These shows were booked (looks at clock on the wall) a few hours ago. Sorry for the late notice, but I have been wanting to play Legends for a while and the night looks promising.

Enjoy the new artwork, and I'll post pictures by Thursday from tonights fiasco and Wednesdays debacle.

Normally I put up a big, long dragged out story about last nights' show and our upcoming album, but I am late for work right now.

So, go look at the pictures page and check out the photos from last night show at Cal's Liquors downtown in the loop. Lemmie know what you think. Until next week.....

If June was getting too boring for us, July and August will make up for it. We have added a good 4 more shows to our tour dates page. The 30+ songs we recorded over the last 2 years are on their way to completion, as they have moved to a new studio and vocal tracks will be added. A few new songs will be recorded too, since we keep writing new shit all the time.

Hopefully, this will lead to an album release date being anounced sometime in the next few months.

Before we get to that though, a little bit about these new dates. I love adding to our resume of clubs that we have played in the city, and we get to add a few more to that list. In July and August, we will make our debut at Cal's Liquors, Silvie's, Phyllis' Musical Inn, and the U.S. Beer Company.

I am pumped about playing these places, and the opportunities to meet new people is always good. We also have gigs at Tonik Bar and the Nite Cap Lounge, and a few more are apparently on there way as well. It's going to be a very busy summer.

"Weird Al" released a song in promotion for his new album coming out which I am excited about, as always. Oh, and that bitch J. K. Rowling is starting her book hype by declaring that two main characters will die in the seventh and final Harry Potter book, leaving the door wide open for the possibility that Harry himself could be one of them. Hmph.

I'll buy the book anyway at midnight and read it by the next day cause I am a loser and that is what I do. Alrighty, I am off. I'll update with pictures from Cal's next week. Hope to see you guys there.

Finally, I have some time today to piddle around with the website. Mostly cleaning out photos, making room, working on new features here.

I met Chuck Palahniuk last wekeend when he came to a mall (shudders) in Skokie (shudders again) to promote the paperback version of his latest book, Haunted. I hit on a girl I used to know a few years ago, I got a lot of reading done while waiting for him to arrive, and evetually we met and talked for a bit.

The demo "Through the Red" has been making its way around the city and will soon be making its way around the local radio stations as well. New shows will be coming up soon, too. A music video is in the works for July, and Jay will soon begin work on his second album.

Speaking of Jay, the two of us are playing a private gig (yes, we get paid) this week downtown for some business elites of a major club. We're excited as hell to be a part of it and hope to work with them in the future. Maybe I'll have a couple photos up on Jay's site by the weekend.

While a lot of things are taking place, unfortunatly most of it is the boring kind, which involves me sitting around pretending to be patient while our demos end up in endlessly large piles of other bands' demos hoping to stand out and garner attention. Time will tell. Okay, time for me to get back to cleaning up coding...

We had a decent show last night at Bar Vertigo, and we got picked up for a gig in the Loop at Cal's Liquors in July. Our demo has been sent around the city to several different venues and entertainment we sit and wait.....we wait for the restraining orders to come in as we get blacklisted from every possible future endevour. In the meantime, practice, practice, practice. I'll have more in a few days.

Oh, go look at the pics from last nights' show. I only put up a few, but they are cool.

Next Saturday, June 10th will be the official release of our first major recording titled "Through the Red" at Bar Vertigo.

The four track demo is our first official release, and contains the songs "We're Big In Europe," "Abrasion," "Nothing I Can Do" and Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street." The artwork will be up soon. As the summer goes on, we will release another four track demo with an undetermined as of yet title, a 5 song LP titled "Doesn't Play Well With Others" where all the songs are songs we covered by friends or wrote with friends, and finally, the album, full of all originals written by NatureDevil, called "Better Living Through Denial."

Oh, and meet Rich Petraski, the new drummer for NatureDevil. I didn't have a chance to give him a full introduction last time, so I am doing it now.

Due to Brandon being overwhelmed with school, work and other music projects, we decided it was time to get someone who could devote more time to what we needed to accomplish, and Rich was our man (though Brandon drums on both demos, the LP and the album). Rich has pretty big shoes to fill as Brandon has done amazing work with us over the last 2+ years. Being a guy I worked with years ago, I know Rich's strengths and I know that as a musician he is someone we can count on and trust to pull us through the tough times we will be enduring, including new song composition, promotion, touring and traveling. Rich's bio will be up soon.

This upcoming week, we Blitzkreig Chicago with our new demo.....

Last nights show was great, despite starting over an hour later then we were supposed to and being forced to drastically cut our set short. Last night was also the debut for our new drummer, Rich, taking the place of the increasingly busy Brandon. The bands were amazing and the crowd was unbelievable. We're hoping to do some shows again with these guys, First Round Failure, whose members came from as far away as Rockford.

Glove the Funkman was a solo bassist who ripped up the crowd opening up the whole night. Evil Indulgence, despite being late, came through with an intense set of their own.

Oh, and if you haven't heard them yet, we have new mp3 files added to the music page. Or you can hear them at if you wish.

Chelsea, Mellisa and Katie (I remembered) were cool enough to let me get a picture with them; sorry, the prom dresses turned me on and I need to get a photo with them. I was very happy with last night show, and our new drummer Rich, replacing the almost irreplaceable Brandon, came through and made us all proud.

We'll be releasing an official demo in the next few weeks as well as finally completing the 2 year long album we've been working on (which has Brandon on the drums), hopefully by October. Also, we'll be filming for a music video in July. Stickers, ballgags and all that other cute shit are on the way too, as soon as I figure out a way to make it happen with everything else going on.

Until then, take care of yourselves and keep checking back here for all the other stuff going on. I am really tired from last night.... and I..... need to get.... some..... (thunk) zzzzzzzz.....

Most bands out there build websites that revolve around their music and Mp3 files, live shows and video clips. For years, this bands' website has revolved around personal diatribes, livelihood dilemas, drama, failure, boredom, ranting and ocassional hooplas of success about nothing music related...

...then 2006 happened. It is only 5 months into the year and we have a little over a dozen shows under our belt (not counting the dozen that Jay has done on his own).

In past bands, shows happened semi-annually. Some bands that I have been in haven't done anything in years and yet have websites talking about their grand successes that never happened. But not NatureDevil. No, for the first time, this website serves a purpose. We first added video footage last year with some terrible Mp3's to go with them. Now, we bring you four songs (one of them is a cover) for you to listen to and hopefully understand more of who we are. It is about fucking time.

Check them out on our music page. Or you can hear them at

I am going to keep this short and sweet this week. Our new demo will be uploaded in one week. Five songs, new artwork, and major changes. Until next time...

Last nights' Bar Vertigo show was a success. The Velvet Cadillacs blew us away with their set, and Sacrament of the Sick did their mindblowing set full of the usual intensity that comes with it.

If you'll notice, we are taking a break from doing some shows for...oh, about a month. We will be reworking a few things, writing some new material, learning a few new covers and completing that damn demo. We finish up in the studio Sunday and begin artwork shortly after while the mixing process works its way through.

We've already been invited to play a few shows here and there, and we'll start booking for shit in June and July, but for a few weeks we need to lay low. Time to relax, reflect and improve. In the meantime, I'll be updating things here on the site and working to make new friends and contacts. You can visit our MySpace thing at and be our friend. Other than that, keep tuned right here to see what we have planned.

Oh, and pictures from last nights' gig can be found, as always, on our pictures page.

I have had 7 bands cancel or simply no-show on me for the last 2 gigs alone.

When a guy like me makes a statement like "musicians suck," I want to make perfectly clear who I am talking about. I am not talking about musicians who get paid regularly to do what they do. Studio engineers, sound guys, stage managers, studio musicians and the main musicians who play festivals and tour on their own. Guys who have been in the business for years and make a living off of it, or just do it is a hobby but do it right. People who don't bullshit you or make up excuses for things; they have personal responsibility.

Who I was referring to are the musicians who wish they were in that first category. People who never call you back, or keep in contact with you, or bullshit you about massive touring and headlines. People who cancel shows at the last minute, or just don't show up at all when you are expecting them. In the past, if there is ever a time when Naturedevil cannot do a show for whatever reason, Jason Kluss will take it with his band, and vise versa. I always cover my ass because I have personal responsibility. No one else should have to suffer or worry from my mishaps or mistakes.

Now, I am no where near what you could call a "professional" musician, but I make a damn good effort. Owning a home, paying bills and working (I just got my fucking property taxes in) make the prospect of me owning a top grade PA system something a little out of reach for now, but I make due with what I have got and I make sure no one else suffers for it.

I am not blaming anyone in particular, especially not from this last weekend, because there are always legit reasons for why things happen. It's just that these things seem to happen all the time, and with anyone who plays a fucking instrument. There is drama, issues, insecurity, and then there is laziness, forgetfulness and pure stupidity.

It is really hard working with other musicians. I am very lucky to work with the guys I have. I may be one idiot with a guitar, but if it wasn't for the hard work and dedication I get from my band, we wouldn't be as entertaining, successful and progressive as we are. I'm glad I have them.

Whew. Now that I got that out of the way, on to the important info. We finish up our demo this Sunday, May 7th. We also play Bar Vertigo on Friday, May 5th with Sacrament of the Sick and the Velvet Cadillacs. Looks promising. You know where to look for the photos from last nights Memories show. Until next week.

Lasy nights show went very well, despite no other bands other then Muttonchop Joyce came through. These guys rocked. This was the closest thing to early Nirvana I have ever seen. We'll be doing more shows with them in the future, I'm sure.

This week we go through a lot of crap getting amps and cables repaired. I'll have new photos up soon from last nights show, but due to a dead battery, I had to resort to old school Kodak style to take shots. Thus, that will take days till we clean them up after we scan them after we pick them up after 3 days of waiting after I remember to drop them off in the first place.....yeah. I'll have more stuff up here for next week. Take care everyone....

Holy shit, have these last two shows been interesting. We put on a badass show at the Note for the Emergenza thing, and then played our hearst out at the Tonik Bar with every peice of equipment we own going on the Fritz.

I want to thank Jason Braun, the Mitch Coso Band and the Dynamos for kicking all forms of ass last night at the Tonik Bar. We heard some Queen, we heard some AC/DC and we heard a buttload of good original music from some talented-as-fuck people. If it wasn't for our technical glitches tearing us apart limb from limb, it would have been one of the best shows we've played, just cause of these guys. You can see photos from last night on the pictures page.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know. We need to get Jay's amp fixed again. None of us have any idea what happened to Arno's bass amp. Fuck it, I called up my dad, he is bringing over these big tool chests of electrician gear and we are gonna fix this shit once and for all. Last night was cool in the fact that we put on one hell of a show despite the problems, and it was the first time ever the crowd started an "encore!" chant for us, which really meant a lot. Damn, I must never underestimate the power of playing "We're Big In Europe!" to room full of happy drunk people on a Friday night! Wow. We are already looking into some future shows with the Dynamos and the Mitch Coso Band this summer. I am looking forward to it.

Even though we fucking rocked out at the Note, I really hate Emergenza. We won't be signing up again next year. Playing the Double Door last year was great, but we've moved on and grown since then and we've been offered a few opening spots for the Double Door anyways, so we don't need Emergenza. I mean, who wants to pay $10 to watch a band play for 25 minutes when they have 7 other shows that month that are all free, and they are longer sets? We sold one ticket, because we just didn't care, and the guy tries to put us on a guilt trip. Fuck, if anything I feel great for not asking our fans to spend their money when they don't have to. Anyway, we got no votes this year and hopefully they won't call us back again because they overbooked shows and don't have enough bands to fill in the slots like the usually do. I feel no guilt.

We are slowing down our booking slightly to allow time for demo completion.

We've met a lot of cool new bands and made some new interesting friends and that is great. I'd love to play out more with these new friends we've made this last year. Bands we started playing with a few years ago have disapeared or broken up, but we are still here and we still continue doing what we do. That is what it is all about. What time is it? Fuck, I need sleep.....

We play at the Note on Thursday and the Tonik Bar on Friday. Never played the Tonik Bar before, nor have we met the other bands we are playing with. I am looking forward to it.

Jay played a badass gig this weekend at Memories with new drummer Aearl (probably spelled that wrong) along with openers Julie Jurgens and Kristen Ford. Pictures from that will be up shortly at so you can check those out.

One of the worst things about being in a band is you have to manage way more than you ever expect. My current issue is waiting for days for other bands and musicians to get back to me with pertinent information about shows. Not only do these musicians say they would love to link our websites together and then never do it, but they disappear from existence only to reappear at the last minute with unhelpful news. Ug. I'll have news on new gigs coming up as soon as I get confirmation from everyone and anyone about what is going on. I am literally waiting on e-mails from 12 people going on 3 days. I thought this new technology was supposed to make shit faster.

Can't wait till we start making money and I don't have to deal with this anymore. If you missed our new attire, we'll wear it this weekend. That, or we'll be naked. Or at least Jay will be naked. Ta ta.

Sometimes I feel I am less of a musician then I am a day care center. I am ironing out some issues this week while I work on a few new songs and fine tune my vocals for the studio. That demo will happen, and it will happen soon. Artwork for it has already begun.

Although there isn't much, I'll bring up some of the good stuff that has happened, We've been experimenting with different logos to make stickers out of. I have discovered a new gym as well where people actually put the weights back, and Wrestlemania was in town, which means there were wrestlers at my gym all weekend long; I met Kane, Steven Richards and Matt Striker.

Other than that, I need to get some shit straightened out. We have a buttload of gigs this month, and I need to make them all go smoothly. Things are going to happen; it may suck for a bit. They always do. It always does.

Last night was our debut of our new stage presence, as well as our debut at the Cue N You with Damaged Justice. We wanted to impress them and I think we did, but we could have been better. I'd like to thank Brad, Robert, Mike and Ralph for inviting us out to open for them - they blew that place away.

Oh man. Last nights show was really interesting. Damaged Justice kicked all forms of ass, as we expected they would, but us....well, I broke a string halfway through our set. My friend Andy was there in his cape and tights and he saved the day, but after that we mentally started to sink a bit. We also had sound issues and timing with each other, but we still pulled off a pretty good set. You can see some kick ass pictures on the photos page and a video clip from the music page.

Even when things go bad, we can still work our ass around it and pull off a fairly decent concert. A year ago we would have died onstage. Today, we stare trouble right in the eyes and give it the finger. We know we could have done better and we learned a few things about ourselves we need to work on. Overall, I am very happy with our performance; we have come very far in our short amount of time.

From here, we go into April, a packed month of shows. More work on vocals for the demo will take place, and newer songs are being targeted.

That blew me away today. I was listening to the WIIL Rock on 95.1 FM and suddenly this ad for the Cue-N-You Billiards pops up saying that the show this weekend "with NatureDevil and Damaged Justice" was going to kick ass.

Not only that, but the ad is running every hour, so the name "NatureDevil" is mentioned every hour, and it has been since the begining of the week. Holy crap. That is soooooo damn cool.

Okay fine, no one else around me seems to find this as fun as I do, but I am tickled about it. So you guys have to come this weekend! Not only should the place be packed, but we want to prove to Damaged Justice that when they send us out to open up their show, we kick all forms of ass for them, and if we do good, they may invite us back to open up for them again.

So we'll be at our best this weekend. Aside from that, Sacrament of the Sick has signed on to headline our gig at Bar Vertigo in May, and Julie Jurgens will be back along with Andy Stege from Breaking Fate going solo at Jay's gig at Memories on Saturday, April 8th, which will be a full band performance from the Kluss.

We got a bunch of shows in April, but the one this weekend is really important to us. I hope to see you there - maybe you'll hear them mention us on 95.1 FM - and I'll upload pictures from the show later that night (maybe early Sunday morning?) from the show. Until we meet again...

Nearing the end of our short break in March, we prepare for April, which proves to be a vicious month of shows. A few new places have contacted us as well as other bands who want to play shows with us. With our demo not too far off on the horizon and new logos and artwork nearing completion, we will be very busy people.

Our next immediate gig is us opening for Damaged Justice on Saturday, Matrch 25th at the Cue-N-You way up in Grayslake, near Six Flags Great America. We are really looking forward to opening up for these guys; they are as professional as the come and put on a kick ass show. We are really turning up our game for this gig with our goal to impress and entertain.

After that, we have the Redline Tap on Sunday, April 2nd; The Note on Thursday, April 13th; the Tonik Bar on Friday, April 14th; the Mutiny Thursday, April 20th; and Memories on Saturday, April 29th. Jason has a few acoustic gigs in there as well, and we have been working out deals for upcoming shows at the Double Door, Champs and Bar Vertigo. Any info we get will, as always, be updated here right away.

Until then, dig around the site if you haven't been by in a while and see all the new fresh wholesome goodness that has been added in the last few weeks. Can't wait for summer to get here....

We are enjoying a small break these few weeks from playing gigs while Brandon finishes up his latest semester at school, Arno starts bass theory class, I continue work on my vocal lessons and Jay... uh... finishes.... doing what he ....does. Yeah.

Our next gig is on the 25th of this month, and we are promoting the hell out of that show. April is packed full of gigs for us, but we aren't booking anything else in March so we can focus on what we are doing, including learning more covers and finishing off the demo. We are working hard behind the scenes, and soon.....oh, very soon.....we're talking stickers, buttons, demo CD's, Rebel Radio, outdoor summer fests again (man, those outdoor gigs last year were great...) and out of state touring. Chicago will be getting a very large dose of NatureDevil.

Sure, it may be a large, cold, slimy suppository....but it will be one hell of a dose nonetheless.

A plethora of small updates exist all over this website derived from the free time I have had all week long. Some of it involves things you can see, read, or listen to, and others involve coding shit that you could care less about. Where shall I begin?

I uploaded a video of us performing "What the Heck?" at the closing of our Nite Cap Lounge show last weekend. You can see that on the music page.

Also, those of you who dig around the site and explore everything will notice the seven specific pages where there are (gasp!) advertisements. I know, I know. They are not the annoying pop up ads or flashy gifs telling you to play a game or announcing you've won some shit, they are small, quiet and discreet ads from Amazon. It is an experiment I am performing to see if I can make the site profitable, even in the slightest format. All the ads are hand picked by me personally, and I have kept them relatively small in numbers around the site. I may add more, or I may do away with them altogether. For now, I'll leave them up and see if they garner any attention.

Our tour dates page has been updated to reflect our current schedule. I'll be adding more dates as they come in. We are thrilled to be opening up for Metallica tribute band Damaged Justice on March 25th up in Grayslake. More info is available on our tour dates page, and you can visit the Damage Justice site at so go pay them a visit.

Aside from all that, I have been revamping the coding to make the site more searchable. Cleaning out old coding that takes up space and shouldn't be there, adding new coding to help with search engine optimization, overall updating so things will load faster or be easier to access. Doing the HTML on this site is my hobby; I like what I do. We have a few weeks off, so we will focus our time on learning new covers, writing a few new songs, and cleaning up our overall sound. Our current ability of playing for 2 straight hours is going to increase to just over two and a half before March is over!

Not that any of you can stand listening to us for that long, but the point is we can do it. Take care.

Just got back from the Nite Cap show, and although that show kicked ass, I am still recovering from the mind-blowing Mutiny gig we did with Sacrament of the Sick on Thursday. You can check out pics from both show, each with their own gallery, on the pictures page.

We keep getting busier and busier every month. A bunch of new shows are on the way, I just need to wait for confirmation on them. Also, our demo is nearing completion.

That album that we have been working on for going on year 2 now is taking way too long, so we opted to put it on a short hiatus and focus on this demo LP of sorts. Plus, with so many new places, we have been setting our goals at playing new clubs. The Nite Cap and the Big Horse have already been added to our band resume, and the Night Lite and the red Line Tap are soon to join.

We are thrilled to be opening up for Metallica tribute band Damaged Justice next month. These guys rock, and they don't just do the Metallica songs you hear on the radio, they do EVERY METALLICA SONG. They are even going to play through the entire Master of Puppets record at the twenty year anniversary of the album next month. More info is available on our tour dates page, and you can visit the Damage Justice site, which we linked to on our page, at so go check them out.

Alright, time for me to go to bed, it is almost 4:30am and I need to try to get to the gym in the morning. Arrrrgg!!!!

We're opening up for some band lead by the ex keyboard player from Guns 'n Roses on the 24th, but I honestly know absolutely nothing about the show other than it is at a bar called Legends in Addison on Lake Street somewhere. Tons of other shows coming up as well, including the Mutiny on Thursday and the Nite Cap on Saturday. We'll have newer flyers ready, like the prototype below.

The Big Horse went well on Saturday. We stayed up late, had a blast, then had to wake up early on Sunday to drive to the new studio in Tinley Park to record our demo, which took 7 hours and is about 70% complete. If you want to see pictures from the Big Horse, check them out on the photos page. We'd like to thank Sacrament of the Sick for inviting us out to play, as well as Oak, Seven Against Thieves and Frayed End for putting up with our bullshit of an excuse for a performance that night.

We actually played fairly well under the terrible PA conditions, but all the bands were extremely heavy, hard hitting rock and metal bands. We go up and play "Spam I Am" and it's over. We're down for the count. Those kinds of shows happen more often, and they are fun. We feel weird, but hey, we do stand out. We're going to have to start covering Hatebreed or Soulfly or something. Gerry Rafferty and the cars aren't going to cut it anymore.

Alright, gotta run. I'll have a new update for you guys after next weekends' gigs. Hopefully we'll actually have CD's to give to people too by the spring. Take care...

We've got 9 gigs on our tour dates right now, and a few more are on the way. We also have some recording to get done this weekend, and probably next weekend. Between Arno studying bass theory, me taking voice lessons and voice healing therapy, Jay doing his own solo gigs and Brandon with his other side projects, we are incredibly fucking busy. Too busy, in fact, to put a full upload here in this update.

So I'll save it all for next week's update.

Fuck. I am tired. Very tired. It is about 2am after finishing our third and final gig this weekend, and I am uploading shit. Whoa. Alrighty, here's what happened....

....we played the Mutiny with Sacrament of the Sick on Thursday, and kicked ass. We played for 2 hours and beat the hell out of ourselves. Then, the next night, we played Jefferson Tap for about an hour because they normally have disco or something on Fridays and we sounded out of place. Breaking Fate opened that gig, and they did great. Then last night, Sacrament of the Sick had to cancel due to an emergency of some kind, so Jay and I had to open the show ourselves and NatureDevil kicked all form of ass, although I can barely move now.

I added over 50 photos to our site. Check the gallery, they're there. We have hot girls, hot girls that have been ball gagged with the NatureDevil patented rubber ball gags, guys from other bands hanging out with us, people in the crowds and some onstage performance. Check them all out. I need sleep. I'll write more in a few hours. Promise.

(later today) What's up? Okay, I am awake and ready to finish this update. First, I need to thank a few people. I want to thank Breaking Fate and Sacrament of the Sick for both kicking ass and doing their thing with us this weekend. Jason Kluss also gets a special thanks for opening up solo last night when SotS couldn't make it. I also want to thank Chicago professional bass player Hank Fields for being gracious enough to allow Arno the usage of his Peavey ass-kicking amp head for all three shows. It was greatly appreciated.

Of course, we also want to thank the Mutiny and Jefferson Tap for letting us rip up their stages and all the fans who came out and supported us, you all know who you are. Jay sold a few copies of his solo CD, which you can find out more about at his website and we all met some new people and made some great new friends.

NatureDevil is now going on a short break for two weeks while Arno travels to the east coast, I prepare for professional vocal lessons in the city and Jay gets his equipment worked on. Our next spot will be at the Big Horse, with Sacrament of the Sick and Oak, on Saturday, February 11th. Till then, take care and I'll see you around....

I didn't think this week could get more intense that last week, and boy was I wrong. Lots of things going on, so I'll break it down for you...

...first up, we have a bunch of new shows lined up on the tour dates page. Aside from the gigs at the Mutiny and the Jefferson Tap, we'll be adding some new venues to our resume that include the Big Horse, Legends, the Nite Lite and the U.S. Beer Company. Soon to be announced will be shows at the Wheaton Grand Theater, the Red Line Tap and the Nite Cap Lounge. I am just waiting to hear back from some people.

Remember that girl that came and turned my world upside down last week? She's really fucking hot, she may come to one of the shows this coming weekend.

I still have no clue as to how I am going to save my vocals and make them last for 3 days in a row. Lots of teas and honey, is my only thought. I have inquired about special singing lessons (cause you all know I suck) to help keep my voice strong and to keep me in pitch (helps in the studio as well). I'll have an update on that when that comes.

We are going to a new studio on February 12th, just to push a demo. The album is still being worked on, but due to money and time constraints, fuck it for now. It is taking way too long where we are at. We are going to another studio to get our demo ready, and it should be finalized within a week or so of the recording. Now, we just have to decide what 4 or 5 songs to put on it.

You'll also see new flyers and artwork coming at you. This site is going to take a whole new look to it before the summer gets here. We are making some serious money now as a band, and this site is going to participate in new ways. No, I don't mean pop up ads (that will never happen here) I just mean a different direction. You'll see in the next few months. I am conducting a business meeting today to decide what will happen.

Okay, so I am done. I'll be sending out my usual newsletter that no one reads about this upcoming weekend, so if anyone is interested, it'll be great to see you at any of the three shows. Take care....

Man, this last week has taken a lot out of me. A girl I was in love with years ago appeared and has turned my world upside down, but I like it.

Cowboy Ray died from Mancow's Morning Madhouse, and for some reason that is saddening me. I have a few trips I am planning out. Arno and Jay have never been to House on the Rock in Wisconsin, so I am taking them on Tuesday.

As for band related stuff, we have a few gigs lined up and a studio date as well. The newest gig is our debut at the Big Horse downtown on February 11th, right by the Note and the Double Door. We'll be playing with a band we added to the links page recently called Sacrament of the Sick, who will be opening up for us at our Mutiny show.

Breaking Fate will be opening up for us as well at the Jefferson Tap gig the next night. Problem? Well, both gigs Naturedevil will be playing for 2 hours, nonstop. Then, we got added for a Saturday gig the next night at the same place. I am scared to death that my voice will be gone from the Mutiny show on Thursday, the 26th and I will die onstage at the Jefferson Tap on Friday, the 27th and Saturday the 28th.

Which means you bastards might actually come to a gig just to watch me suck at the Jefferson tap, huh? Well, I am going to try to pull it off anyways. We'll probably be playing the same setlist for all three gigs as well, with a possible difference just to make it interesting. Nothing too much.

I gotta run. I'll have a new promo up soon I think you guys will like.

Hell yeah, was Jay's show a success. Happy fucking New Year. Just got back from the Jefferson Tap, and we pulled in well over $200 in cash from sales and we even got paid a bit extra as well from the door.

The show opened with Julie Jurgens, this cute chick from the city Jay ran into...somewhere, I don't know, he just gave me her e-mail and told me to invite her to play the show. I think he met her at an open mic or something. She had an excellent voice and we were glad she came...

After Julie, Mr. Deep took the stage. Mr. Deep. or Dan, is a guy I met over a year ago doing the open mic circuit back when I used to run open mics. Occasionally joined by his brother on bass, he played solo today, covering Stone Temple Pilots and Oasis as well as his own original songs...

Breaking Fate, with their excellent stage presence as always, came up in full force to show everybody on the north side what they are made of. A band we have known for almost 2 years, and a band Jay occasionally plays in as well on lead guitar, we were really glad they could make it...

We also owe thanks to the Breaking Fate drummer Mike for sitting in with Jay as our original drummer is a moron and an idiot. Jay played, sounded awesome, got the cheers and sold the CD's to make the night a success. Mike delivered well above expectations, especially for a guy who barely knows the songs. That shows just how talented he is...

Anyways, the night was victorious. As always, you can go to the pictures page to see more from the show. NatureDevil makes their debut at the Jefferson Tap in 2 weeks on Friday, January 27th along with Breaking Fate opening up the night.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the show as well. We hope you had as much fun as we all did.

I didn't think I would be updating so soon again and with so much new information on what has been going on. Lots of little things taking place all across the board, I am not sure where to start. I guess I will start with the most notable item on our list which is...

.....Jay's CD release party on Saturday, January 7th at the Jefferson Tap in Melrose Park. Jay's long awaited album titled "No Fear In Me" is set for release at a party that includes performances by Julie Jurgens, Mr. Deep and Breaking Fate (John Michaels had to pull out to to an unforeseen obligation). The CD will be selling for $7 and yeah, it costs $5 to get in at the door, but we have complete control of the night on what goes on, the drink specials are cheap, the food is great and inexpensive and we promise top of the line entertainment till at least 1 am.

Pioneer Press newspapers did an interview with Jay and myself that will be in - at least - the Elm Leaves next Wednesday, on the 4th which is just in time for the CD release party. NatureDevil was discussed a lot as well, although we kept most everything focused on Jay and his album. I am looking forward to checking it out, and I will add it to the articles section on the stuff page as soon as it comes out and I get around to scanning it in.

Lutraphobia, a band we played many shows with in the past, has apparently broken up, according to Brandon's phone call yesterday. We played several shows with them in the past year including the Zion Lutheran benefit concerts and Nelly's Piper.

We have two dates booked, on January 26th at the Mutiny and January 27th at Jefferson Tap. A possible show on February 4th at the Nite Cap Lounge may be officially announced in the next update.

While we have a studio session for vocals next Tuesday at our usual studio, we are going to go to a smaller, more underground studio to do some cheap recordings to use for a demo, as we are getting sick of waiting for months and months to get songs completed at the studio we have been working in.

Oh, and we are going to do a photo shoot with a newbie professional photographer looking to build a portfolio for himself. More info on that as it comes in.

See? I told you there was a lot of surprisingly new stuff going on! I promise you we are never bored over here. New flyer artwork and rehearsal photos are to be added in the coming weeks as well. Until then, take care and try to enjoy the new year....

More studio crap going on throughout the Christmas holiday, whether we like it or not. New songs are being written as well, which is a problem because we are still mastering the last 40 we have as well as the two dozen we have in the studio that aren't done. Decisions.

Anyways, we have a few new shows that will be coming up, but I am going to play some Final Fantasy right now, so until next year, take care and don't get killed.....

Wow. Spent almost 3 hours yesterday doing lead vocals for one song! Arg!! We haven't done vocals in the studio for some time, focusing on mixing, guitars and bass in the last few months. You know, singing is really easy to do when you are on stage, people in the crowd are drunk, they cheer anyways, and no one wants to tell you that you suck.

Then you go in the studio and the truth comes out! Hehehe, I am not that bad, but the stuff I pull off at shows does not carry over well into a studio atmosphere. It is a different animal all together, and you can't sing the same way. The environment is different, the microphones are different, the motivations are different. With a little work and team effort, we pulled it off, and pulled it off extremely well. Our short term goal is to have a nice, professional demo out by early next year.

So Jay has a solo album? Yeah, you have been hearing about it. The press kits are out, the interviews are set, and the flyers are moving the streets. Oh, ands the biggest news is the launch of his own website! is where you can go to get more info on Jay's career. Things are going to get interesting into the new year. We have three more things to get drums down for, that much more guitars and bass, and all the final vocals we have left over. We are about 70% complete on our goal to complete a record. Until next time...

Only a few weeks away from the day Jay has been dreaming of for several years now, his CD release party is creeping up quickly. The album, artwork shown below, is going for $7 a copy, and Jay is hoping to clean out all of the CD's he's got. We have live radio as well as the local newspapers promoting this, and his website launch is just around the corner. The list of performers includes John Michaels, Mr. Deep, Breaking Fate and possibly this chick Jay met who calls herself Hot Julie J. We are waiting for confirmation on that.

I need to get this off of my chest. What the fuck is up with local bands not keeping contact? This pisses me off. here is what I mean: we will play a show with several other bands. They are cool, we decide we like them and we give them our contact info, hoping to have them link us on their website while we link them on ours. They all smile, say "fuck yeah, that's awesome dude, we'd love to do that...."

You know, we try to help each other out and make friends. What ends up happening is I link up 6 or 7 bands on our website, and after weeks and weeks of waiting, sending them e-mail reminders, calling numbers and asking them about linking to us, they forget to do it and fall off the planet. We still never appear on their website, although they claim they'll get right on it, and I get pissed and eventually clear them off of ours.

That is why when you look at our links section of other local bands, you'll notice there are almost none there. That is because the bands we know either disappear (their websites vanish or stop working ala Breaking fate, Lutraphobia, Session Six etc etc.....) or they never link to us. Are we the only fucking band in Chicago who takes responsibility for building good contact relationships and keeps our shit operative? We run this site directly - we don't have to call a guy to ask some other guy through an e-mail if he could post a date as soon as possible which turns out to be 2 weeks later and ends up having mistakes in it anyways. This irritates me.

I have reached a conclusion about these bands, and although I don't want to piss anyone off, I don't think it matters at this point. My conclusion is that these bands fit into one of two categories: they are either egomaniacs who think that they don't need to work with other musicians and that they are the next Coldplay or Disturbed and they can do their own thing and be fine, or they are just idiots. Idiots in that they are too lazy to send an e-mail, too stupid to not lose a phone number or too hungover/stoned/ignorant to remember who the fuck they talked to the night before.

I was hoping that after several years of linking with other bands that our local band links section would have 30 or 40 bands listed in it. We have two. Two. And out of those two, one of them is not finished being built yet and the other one took a few weeks worth of e-mailing several accounts to get to someone who eventually returned the favor and linked back to us.

I really thought we'd be cool about this and we'd make a lot of good contacts, but I guess you have to make things simpler for people to do by "friending" people on MySpace with the click of a button as opposed to using a little effort.

Eh, it's okay I guess. I'll just keep linking bands for weeks at a time before I eventually delete them for not adding us to their site. You'd think bands would want to help themselves by getting their name listed in as many places as possible, but if they aren't going to give a little, they sure as hell aren't going to get. How does that line from Full Metal Jacket go?

"I bet you're the kind of guy that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach around."

Yeah, that is what comes to mind. Alright, I need to get out of here and go get a drink. Take care guys....

Oh man, do I love it when I get 4 days in a row off to sit around and sleep, play video games and, oh yeah, rehearse.

There have been a few opportunities to grab some new shows but I am waiting on booking anything else until after Jay's CD release party. With studio work and us getting back into full time rehearsal, I want to break from doing lots of shows right now. Plus, it's cold outside. Who wants to drag their amps around in the snow?

Jay's CD release party is Saturday, January 7th at the Jefferson Tap. I am ironing out the details of it this weekend (it's a holiday weekend and people are hard to get in touch with - I don't blame them) as well as putting together the press kits to send out for its promotion. A few newspapers are interested in doing some articles, and that is awesome publicity for Jay. Here is a sneak few of his album cover....

As for this site, well, I changed things everywhere. I mean everywhere. I updated the linkspage, the pictures page, added a live performance of us covering Nirvana's "Breed" on the music page, there's some new crap on the stuff page and I even tweaked the bios page a bit. Knock yourself out....

Last nights' show was a mess. The sound was terrible; we couldn't hear ourselves and the crowd couldn't hear the guitars. Our levels were all over the place, all of the organization and setup they had last year was gone and we were mostly on our own.

Not to say that being on our own is bad, but when you come prepared for one thing and get hit with something different than expected, it knocks you off balance. Oh, and the new guy running the thing was on a power trip. He was annoying as hell to the bands, and he constantly contradicted himself in what he would say when accusing people of their levels of professionalism. We came in dead last place, not that I am surprised. I almost had the job that this guy had (they called me up and set up an interview at which point I called back and turned it down) but after hearing from the guy who ran it last year, I realized it was way too much work for too little pay and not worth the time invested to do it. So even though the newly hired dickless hack who is running it in Chicago knocked us in last place, I don't feel bad because he still works for Emergenza.

After we signed up, we said to ourselves, "Do we feel like doing this again this year?" I don't think we did. I just bought a new house and moved in a few weeks ago and all my time has been on this project. Not that the band gets shoved aside, it just has to move over for a month or two till things get settled. With the studio going full steam, and this new house, playing Emergenza came out of nowhere. We had a huge fucking crowd and we met some badass bands (who will hopefully e-mail me soon and we can link our sites together - just got one from Luminary!) but we just sounded like garbage.

As I said before, most of it was due to terrible sound, but a big part was on our end as well. We dropped the ball, if only a little, and it showed. As we have done in the past, when bad sound or circumstances come before us, we rise above it and make it work, no matter how negative it may seem. Last night, however, we let our guard down and our performance suffered. That should not happen. Now I know something else we need to work on.

Our shows at the Mutiny have been great. The sound has been excellent, the crowds have been great and we play an awesome setlist lasting up to 2 glorious hours, as opposed to sucking on stage for 25 minutes. We will be playing their again in the new year, as well as a few new places we have never played at before; should be fun. Plus, Jay has his CD release party coming up. We didn't need to advance in Emergenza this year, we played the Double Door over the summer; we are happy. We have bigger, better things coming our way once we get this damn album finished (spring 2006?).

In the meantime, I'll keep you guys posted with information about what and when we are doing stuff. Check all over the website, I updated everything. New links, videos, pictures, name it. Too big for me to list in the dysfunctional state I am currently in. I'll add some new photos from the Note show later. Too tired now. Going to sleep. Yes. Sleep. Take care....

Back in the swing of things! I am moved into my new house, that I own, and I am almost completed in putting together the NatureDevil rehearsal studio. We return to our recording studio in December to work on a few vocals and bass tracks. Oh, and I really should plug our show next Friday at the Note by reposting the flyers for them here....

I have big announcements involving a bar called the Jefferson Tap in Melrose Park on North Ave. NatureDevil is playing there on Saturday, December 10th with a bunch of other bands, but that isn't the big news.

The big deal is the official CD release party for Jason Kluss' debut album "No Fear In Me" on Saturday, January 7th 2006 at the Jefferson Tap!!!

Jason's long awaited record will finally be released to the public, and the night will include acoustic performances by Andy from Breaking Fate (with possibility of entire band appearing), John Michaels (who has his own debut album set for a release next year) and a guy who calls himself Mr. Deep. Stick to this website for more information, and we'll have the official launch of Jay's website from here as well.

I was going to apologize for not having updated the site in over a week, when it occurred to me that no one probably visits this website as often as I'd like. You either click on here occasionally to check in and see if we are broken up or still together, or you just heard about the site and came here once, never to return again because this site bored you to death or you downloaded the MK + A song and thought it sucked (we hate it too, I really need to take it down).

Anyway, my reason for not updating in so long was due to me purchasing a home and moving in. The studio in the basement is in its infancy but should be ready for rehearsal in a week. We have a fireplace in the basement.

All we have going on right now is the gig at the Note. More gigs are on the way, I am just really nervous about booking them until we get ourselves settled. This big move has been sucking up all my time and energy, but the Note show is still on. I hope to see some of you guys at it. We'll be playing all new songs, completely new setlist from last year.

I finally got a closing date on the house. Hopefully the next update will be my my new dwelling. Until then, however, I have new artwork for the next Note show, as well as a few new shows in the making. We are breaking from the studio till just after Thanksgiving so I can work on the new house and so our sound engineer Michael Charles can finalize his own latest album with his producer in Australia. So in the meantime, check out this artwork....

Today we return to the studio again to work on some lead electric guitar parts. I also start the campaign to get people to buy tickets to come to our Emergenza gig at the Note next month, which you can see from checking out our new flyer artwork...

Last nights' Mutiny show was much better than we expected. We played fairly well, were fairly tight, and we drew an excellent crowd. At one point we had over 50 people packed into the room while we played "Callisto." I couldn't believe it.

There was no opening band, so Jay, being the great guy that he is, went up and played for a good 45 minutes till it was about time for the ND to hit the stage. I accompanied him on bass, and he was able to make a few sales of his album as well.

We played our hearts out, did some Bloodhound Gang and Radiohead, as well as our usual stew of Nirvana. I also want to thank Marcus, the sound man, for not only doing an excellent job with our sound but jumping up on stage with us and helping me sing Nirvana's "Polly" and "Breed," which was good because I was out of breath by the end of "Breed" from jumping around like a jackass.

Pictures from last nights' show can be found on the pictures page.

This week, one year ago, we first stepped into a studio (our fourth by this point) and began work on recording the NatureDevil full length album. Since then many things have happened.

We introduced our toys that we have been giving away at our shows, which has lead to many beautiful women with ball gags in their mouths, and flyer artwork that has been some of the best creative drawing and Photoshop work we have ever done.

We have also made many new friends that include people we have played with, and fans we have met at our shows. Even people at the record store who casually comment on how they like one of our flyers is a great honor to hear.

Since a year ago, the bass player has changed several times with us finally landing on Arno; the only people you will hear on the records are myself and Arno on bass.

Speaking of records, the idea of one full length album grew into one full length album and a bonus 5 song LP. We experimented with different songs, wrote a few new ones in the process, scrapped a bunch of old shit, reworked a bunch of other old shit, and created some great things.

We've played a boatload of new venues, brought my personal count of states that I have visited up to 34, and made friends with countless bands.

The feeling of having someone walk up to you and say something like "I hope you guys play 'Spam I Am' cause that is a kick ass song!" or "Every time you play 'We're Big In Europe!' I love it more and more!" means more to us than you could imagine.

I remember at this years' Matteson Fest, we announced we would be giving away some demo CD's if anyone wanted one, and a dad brought his young, shy son backstage to ask for one. The kid had asked his dad if he could get one, but when they came backstage he froze up and the dad had to ask for him. It was cool. That blew me away.

We started the album project in the fall of 2004 and we hope to have it completed by the spring of 2006. Time will tell. Until then, we got some shows you need to come out and see....

The Serenity movie was un-fucking believable!! Saw the midnight showing of it, amongst a huge crowd of die hard fans, and I am very happy. I can honestly say that I have not enjoyed a movie this much in the theaters since the Matrix.

I am also upset. The drumbeats for a few songs we did in previous recordings sound like shit and need to be redone. Only 3 songs, but enough to set us back a few weeks. It is one of those things, where you record the drums to 9 songs at once, and when you come back to them later, you realize that you sounded like shit during the last few from fatigue when at the time, they all sounded great. We still love you Brandon, but we need to redo these last three songs.

FUCK!!!! I hate setbacks. Oh well, nothing you can do. We will work through it.

One more mention, we have a gig in a few weeks, it is free and it is also 21 and over, and it is at the Mutiny on Western Ave near Fullerton, so please come check us out.

Oh, and go see the movie Serenity, an original movie that isn't a remake of something older than 20 years or an excuse to flash breasts on a screen. There is talent involved in it.

We have some more recording going on this week where we hope to complete most of, if not all of the bass lines. October will mark the one year anniversary when I started this project to get these 2 records completed. It looks to still be on schedule and will be completed just after Christmas.

Added a few more gigs to the tour dates page, including an acoustic show at Cafe Versace and a gig at the Note involving Emergenza again this year. The Note show will come complete with a few flyers, and I'll have that artwork up sometime in the next few weeks.

I just recently bought a home, and the process of physically moving into it is about to take place (you know, all that paperwork took up the first weeks) so you'll start to notice changes within the band taking place, including more rehearsals and more time dedicated to the work we do. I've been waiting a long, long time for this. No more playing in garages or parents' basements.

Gotta run, today is chest day and we are checking out a new gym we have never been to. I have lost 30lbs since the spring, but damnit, I haven't been able to lose anything in the last few weeks. I think I have hit my equilibrium where the muscle I am building is matching up with the fat I am losing. Hopefully that is the case. That, or I am just an immense fat ass. Take care...

Oh yes, over 8 hours of recording, and that was just drum tracks. Brandon was a sweaty beast at the end of his session and Arno didn't think the work would ever end for him. Both eventually went shirtless.

All of our rehearsal time has been moved from the original music to now working on covers so we can start making some serious money. It is interesting, what I have learned about many other bands. I'll give some examples of what I mean.

Quick mention before I continue, we are playing the Mutiny on Wednesday, October 12th. It is a free show and the liquor is cheap, so be there to support us. Check out the flyer artwork below and let me know what you think.

Most bands are made up of people who play mostly original music. This is usually due to lack of talent went it comes to playing covers, although they will chalk it off to the fact that they "hate playing covers" and they "don't want to waste their time when they could be original and unique." Yeah, you suck and can't learn to play someone else's licks. I get it.

Of course, not all bands are like this. You can tell the good ones who play covers at their shows, either because they are paying tribute to a musical inspiration to them or it is a strategic plan to draw attention; both of which are smart and respectable.

Then there are cover bands. From what I have learned, there are only two of them that exist; bands who play songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's with a few rare treats here and there, and bands who cover mostly one specific band, like Chicago bands Evenflow (Pearl Jam), Dirt (Alice In Chains) or Think Floyd (take a guess...) These bands are good, respectable, and put on damn good shows. When it comes to finding bands who cover mostly 80's, 90's and today's newest stuff, it is much harder to do.

I think it is because most young musicians today suck and don't want to take the time to learn and practice other people's music when it is so much easier to play power chords and scream instead of actually displaying talent. When I see the kind of songs tabbed out online it saddens me to think about all the guitar players out there who can't read music or even know what chords they are playing. Older musicians who have a really good work ethic and a sense of dedication have no problem with any of this.

Either way, I don't care. We are going to fill that gap I mentioned. We are going to supply the covers needed for our generation who are sick of hearing "Pretty Woman," "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" and "Twist and Shout" from different bands playing the same shit.

With us, you get "Longview," "Say It Ain't So," "Lithium," "Fire, Water, Burn," "Self Esteem" and anything else you may have heard in the last 10 years on the radio. We also do some older stuff, including a little Pink Floyd and the Who, but we know lots of people today would like to hear "Interstate Love Song" as opposed to "Freebird" or a 38 minute blues track that goes on and on.

Thus, we will be very busy on both agendas; working in the studio to finish up our recordings and rehearsing our new job as a cover band. There is money to be earned and we intend to earn it.

In the meantime, come hear our original crap! Check out our shows on the tour dates page. take care, until next time....

We have a gig at the Mutiny on Wednesday, October 12th, and you can see the Da Vinci Code inspired flyer artwork for it below....

I will have some new tour dates up by the end of next week. I believe there will be about 3 new dates, all at clubs we have not played at yet.

Also, we have our big day in the studio Tuesday, as well as much recording after that. I have a new girl working on some flyer artwork which I am looking forward to checking out. You'll see it all updated here. The main thing we spent time doing besides rehearsing for the studio was getting some black and white photos taken for our press kits.

Unfortunately, you can't see any of them here. But, you can see the color outtakes that we took with the digital camera. We visited local haunted hot spot Bachelors Grove and then moved on to St. Xavier University (70% female enrollment). You can check both of those sets on the pictures page. Over 20 images added. You'll get a new update in a few weeks or so while we chill, so take care.....

Both shows these last two days were great. We made a huge impact at the Mutiny, with special guest Oak, who did a kick ass job of playing despite not having their bass player with them.

Lots of you guys came out to see us, which made it even more rewarding when we were done. I was surprised by how well we played and how well things went. They went so well, we were invited back again for another Wednesday in October (I was pushing for a weekend) and we're promised us a weekend gig if any other band cancels.

Jay and I are also playing an acoustic setup in the beer garden at Stage 83, formerly Nelly's Piper, on Saturday, October 1st. We are still working on getting a CD release party date set for Jay, as well as the launch of his own website so that we don't have to cram his stuff here all the time; he can have some space all his own.

I haven't been focusing on booking many gigs simply because we have a big studio date on the 13th, as well as lots of followup recording after that over the next few months. We are also pushing another agenda as well for the band. I promised at the beginning of the year that this year there would be great things happening, and great things have happened. It will get bigger next year when the records are done and NatureDevil has more to offer. Things have never looked so promising before....

Yup, we have a big studio date coming up. Now, although we have been in the studio roughly once every week or so since last year, the reason this is a BIG studio date is because all four of us are going to be there at the same time.

For those of you who know nothing about recording, allow me to explain. This album was started in October of last year. It started when Brandon and myself went in and recorded a dozen or so tracks. That was simply to get the drum beats down. All the guitar I recorded was what we call "scratch guitar," meaning it is not the final product, just something to hold time and place until all the other work is completed.

Since then, Jay has come and done his acoustic parts, I have done electric leads, solos, and rhythm parts (some leads spending hours trying to just get a few seconds of good sounding guitar!!), and Arno has come in to do bass lines.

Thus, the four of us have yet to see each others' smiling faces in the studio, until next month. September 13th will be the day we all go in to finalize the last of the drum tracks, as well as a guitar part and bass line or two.

We are far from being finished with the records yet, but we will be a good chunk closer. After September 13th, the next few months will be spent purely on guitar and bass. All the vocals will come last, around Christmastime, if things go well. Which means....

....we are pushing for a release date of our debut album as well as our LP to be around spring/summer of next year! Damn. Hopefully I will even be able to announce a release date for both records before the end of this year.

Does this mean that both the album and the LP will be released on the same day? Probably not. I'd like to keep them a few months apart, for reasons to not overload people with material and also to have an excuse to have two release parties in one year. In the next few months I may even start to leak a few things out, such as artwork, lyrics, song titles, things like that.

Or, I may decide to keep it completely secretive until the release date. Not sure yet. Not sure about anything, really.

Jay is playing with Breaking Fate again this weekend somewhere in Hazelcrest, I am not really sure where. He has been playing lead guitar in the band ever since the original guitar player, Mitch, quit. Although Jay has stated he will not take on the role of a full time member of the band, he has been doing a pretty damn good job of filling out the position. They seem to like having Jay around and Jay doesn't mind doing the extra gigs, so check them out this weekend.....if you know anything about the show....cause I still don't....

Jay and myself will be playing acoustic next Thursday at Kitchen Chicago in the city, so check out the tour dates page for details.

One more quick note, we will be playing with the bands Oak and Lifeline at the Mutiny this coming Wednesday, so please come and check it out, it is a free show and we will be debuting a few more new songs (all these damn new songs!) as well as playing some covers. 21 and over only....

First things first, we have a gig at Guess Hookah this coming Monday, with special guest Mr. Deep, who will join us for about half an hour in the middle of our set. We also have a show on Wednesday, August 31st at the Mutiny on Western in the city. Check out these flyers below and let me know what you think. Hope to see you guys there, it is a free gig, but you must be 21 to even get inside.

One of the things I always hate about playing with other bands is their attitude, and how it reflects with their fans. Of all the concerts I have ever played in my life, I always show up early and stay till the very end so I can catch every band that plays, regardless of where we fall in the set.

Aside from one time last year where we got called to fill in at the last second, and as soon as we were done we had to pack up and head off to Michigan, I have never left a concert early. I also encourage our fans who come to see us to stay for every band as well, not just show up at the time we go on and leave when we are done. About 80% of our fans stick around for everyone.

Not all bands work this way, and it bothers me. It makes you not want to play shows with them again. I bring this up because it happened at the last gig, the benefit that we did for Liam Hammond. What really got to me was when we heard from the girl running the event that last year, many of the people coming where trying to get in free claiming to be with the bands in some way.

That was sad. This was a benefit for a damn good cause and yet $5 is too much for some people to spare, even though they probably smoke and use AOL. Yet they would still try to sneak into to a benefit concert to see "their band." I hope I don't have to play with some bands who have fans like that. We don't want those kind of fans anyways.

Okay, well, now that I have just annoyed and isolated a possible fan base, I should move on to some pertinent information about NatureDevil. Sorry about that. We return to the studio in the next few weeks to finalize the last of our drum tracks for the album and LP.

Once that is completed, we start with the second half of the bass lines to be laid down. Arno will finally make his long awaited bass recording debut, aside from "Lightyears From Anywhere" which he did last month. I also added a video to the music page of us from Mattesonfest this past summer, as well as a few new links on the links page. CD release party for Jay's album to be announced soon as well.

Until next time....

Last nights concert went extremely well. We performed one of our best sets yet. With a few errors here and there, we are on the right path to putting forth consistent performances.

The concert was a benefit for the Liam Memorial Foundation, which was set up by Terry and Scott "the Rebel" Hammonds who lost their 9 month old child, Liam, to Krabbe disease.

Just last night, we took a quick break from playing to take a picture with Terry and Scott who are to my right, along with these two lovely ladies who are friends of the family Crystal and Erin on my left, who help out hosting many of the events. Arno and Brandon are somewhere on the bottom and Jay is somewhere there too.

By hosting concerts and events like these that also include raffles and food, their goal is to spread knowledge and awareness of the disease. You can get more information and learn about this disease at and you can also find out about future events.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to come by, support their bands and to support this cause. I also want to thank Andy from Breaking Fate for putting together the music aspect of the night and inviting us to play. Hopefully we'll be playing with them again soon.

I'd also like to thank the other bands we played with, which include Breaking Fate, Tribal Scar, IV Four, Incite, and Falling 5 Stories.

I have added pictures from the show last night of us playing and me hitting on and groping beautiful women, which you can find on the pictures page, as well as a few new links of other local bands we played with on the links page. Check it all out. I'll have a few comments about band etiquette in my next update as well. Until next time....

Good news, the $10 ticket price for this Saturday's gig has been reduced to $5, in an effort to get more people to attend for this great cause. Although the flyer below says $10, rest assured, you can get in with your good pal Abe.

While I work on buying a house this month, we are taking a short break from the studio to brush up on a few songs. I decided to make a few changes to a couple songs on the record, and rather than rush in the studio and record things that would otherwise waste time and energy only to be change later, we are going to work them out this month.

I am hoping to be adding a discography page soon to the website, a release date for Jay's solo album, and possibly the addition of a piano/keyboard player. Part-time of course. We shall see.....

When we play at the August 13th show, we are going to debut several new songs. These songs may include:

"Lightyears From Anywhere"
"Imaginations and Mind Games"
"What the Heck?"
"Maybe I'll Just Stay At Home"
"Tyranosaurus Rex"
"Way Fertile"
"Someone Else"

We'll also be doing some new Nirvana covers as well. All of these songs are also going to be added to our list of "things to finish in the studio" as it has been dragging out for so long. Spent 2 hours doing 54 seconds of guitar work. Ghaaaah!!!!

Either way, it is done, and we can focus on the newer material. "Ellyse, Please, Put Down the Phone," "Storybook" and "We're Big In Europe!" are also on that short list of things to finish up.

Although I won't be releasing anything official for a while, in my own little den I have started to piece together exactly what will most likely appear on the record and the LP. With the prospect of buying a house next month and starting a new job, the album may appear to suffer from neglect, but I promise that will not happen. It may just take a few more months to finish.

Also, a new gig at the Mutiny has been added to the tour dates page. Hopefully in the next day or so I will add another date at a place called Stage 83 (formerly Nelly's Piper, Delilah's...) and possibly the U.S. Beer Co in Chicago. And of course, our huge benefit gig at Zion on the 13th...

Added three more dates on the tour dates page. I will probably invite a few people to play with us on those dates as well. Gotta run, more to come on the studio and Jay's record. In the mean time, check out this demo flyer for our next Zion show.

Dressed up as a Death Eater Friday night and went romping around Oak Park waiting for the newest Harry Potter to come out. Most wizards use magic wands; I used a black Jackson 6 string. I cast magic spells in G minor, which makes beautiful women fall head over heels for ugly guitar players.

Arno visits the studio tomorrow to lay down two bass lines, and Brandon will return again in a few weeks to get another huge set of drum tracks down. I think Jay and myself are sitting in with Breaking Fate this weekeend, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. Oh, and hopefully Patrick will be ready to lay down some drum tracks for Jay's next record sometime next month. Anyway, I need to get back to finishing this damn book. Ciao...

Wow, am I glad this weekend ended. We played two shows, one on Saturday and an acoustic gig on Monday. Jay's guitar went kaput on him, as well as his amps' constant buzzing continued on. My vocals have been shot to shit lately, and we, as a band, haven't played together in almost 2 months (remember, Adam filled in for Brandon at the Matteson Fest). We survived and still managed to put on an entertaining show, but we could have been better. You live and learn.

We also played an acoustic gig Monday, where Jay used an acoustic guitar he has never played on before and I played on an acoustic bass I have never played on before. We still did good though, as Jay and I know the acoustic stuff inside and out. We did almost every song in Jay's catalog as well as a few ND ones.

That is over, I have more studio work to get back to, and a few more updates for you. Let's move forward.

Jay's album is completed and we are going to announce a CD release party sometime this month. We may invite Breaking Fate to play with us, as it will most likely be an overall acoustic event. We shall have the info to announce ASAP.

This website has also gone through a major update, code-wise. I changed all the gif's into jpg's to save server space, as well as eliminated a few unnecessary things. You may not even notice any of it, but I worked hard, so it deserved a mention here.

We have a few shows coming up, and lots of studio work to complete if we are ever going to get this record done, so until next time...

Back in Chicago and ready to kick some ass. Four new dates on the tour dates page including on this weekend down in Matteson. I am working on putting together a few now that this trip is over and I have time. Subterranean, Penny Road Pub, the Elbo Room, the Mutiny, Uncommon Ground, the Abbey Pub and the Beat Kitchen are a few of the places that will be receiving press kits soon.

Oh, and if you are interested, here is a color viewing of the flyer we have ready for the August 13th benefit concert. This is the first time we are actually going to play this venue while bringing a small crowd of our own. Usually when we play at Zion Lutheran Church, I break a string. It has happened 3 out of 3 times. It will probably happen again this Saturday. But on August 13th, things will be different.....

I am updating the website from a hotel in South Dakota. Two weeks ago, I left Illinois, went through Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, where we stopped at two zoos, and crawled all over the north and south sections of Roosevelt National Park. We went through Montana, spent the night in Butte, met the Governor in Helena (I kinda wandered in his office and there he was) and we talked for a little while, saw a ghost town, went through Glacier National Park, Idaho, Washington including Seattle, Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens (we stopped everywhere and lost a lot of time, but that is the way I do things) and eventually we landed in Portland. Spent a whole day in the Redwood National Park hiking and getting lost till we finally reached San Francisco. Hit Sacramento, Reno, and Boise. Along the way was Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Covered Mt. Rushmore (the biggest waste of time, unless you're a tourist who likes to pay lots of money for simple amusements), the Wind Cave National Park and the Badlands National Park, and Finally Sioux Falls in South Dakota.

The problem with me traveling is that we rarely use major highways and stop to see everything. I climbed a few waterfalls and rocks where you are not supposed to go and got several bruises for my troubles, but fuck it; that is life. Had a blast.

Enough of my stupid shit, on to some news. Breaking Fate has lost their lead guitarist and it looks like Jay is going to fill in for a bit. Jay's solo record is completed, and the artwork is finally completed (took 3 months on the artwork alone) which means all we have left is production and setting up a release date. We will have that in about 2 weeks.

NatureDevil has like, what, 4 shows? We have one Saturday and one Monday, acoustic with Jay. I am so far out of my mind that we will probably rehash an old setlist for both shows till we get a chance to work on newer material. There are about 7 new songs we want to start playing that we haven't had a chance to yet. Give us time, maybe we'll have them ready by the August show.

Take care and enjoy the holiday. American Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays, but then again the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution are subjects I love as well. I shall return tomorrow but I will take a few days to relax till I update. Take care.

NatureDevil will be on the road for roughly 15 days. We leave tonight and will not return until July 4th or 5th, depending on how much stuff we are doing. Yeah, we'll be screwing around in about 6 or 7 states, finding everything interesting and entertaining along the way and back. That's what I do.

A test print of Jason Kluss' debut album, "No Fear In Me," is in the works. A website launch for him is in on the drawing board as well. This also means that a CD release party will be announced soon. Expect all of these things to be announced in July.

Before I take my leave, I just want to remind you guys that we have 4 gigs coming up, all listed on the tour dates page. I'll give you an update when I return, until then, take care of yourselves and enjoy the Chicago summer. Ciao.

As mentioned previously, we took second place in the Matteson fest talent show thingy with "We're Big In Europe!" which went over really well. We'd like to thank Adam Veronica for filling in on the drums while Brandon was away in Ohio this weekend.

Guess Hookah was great as well. It was so good that we got two more dates booked in July. That is all up on the tour dates page. Along with that, Breaking Fate (whose demo is completed) invited us to play a few shows with them at the Zion Lutheran School again, one show in July, and another benefit show in August. That information is also up on the tour dates page, but more info will be available soon on both of those gigs.

That means new flyers will be up soon as well.

Jay's solo album is complete. "No Fear In Me" will be announced soon with a release date. As for right now, I need to apologize to all of the gorgeous women in Chicago for depriving them of our talent and fabulous good looks as we take a 2 week break while Jay and myself scamper off to California, covering Washington, Oregon, Montana and the Dakotas. I'll fill you in when I get back on Independence Day.

Take care, and hopefully we'll see you at the new shows.

Well, we played Matteson fest this morning and came in 2nd place, which kicks all forms of ass. Last year we nabbed 3rd, but last year we didn't have a bass player. Although Brandon couldn't join us today, we had Adam Veronica sit in for "We're Big In Europe!" which turned out great.

We have one more gig coming up, very soon. The info is on the tour dates page, and the show is at Guess Hookah; you can see the flyer below. We also finished up the mixing of the Breaking Fate demo as well as most of the artwork for Jay's solo acoustic record.

Oh, and a CD single demo for "Spam I Am" has been made, with CD artwork. We gave it out to people at the fest, as well as a few college radio stations. I'll have more on that next week. This is not an official release, just a demo. The official release will be sometime in August with full case and artwork.

Two small gigs added to the tour dates page in June including one at Guess Hookah, new photos up on the photos page, and new flyers and sections added to the stuff page.

Massive updates everywhere. Check out the three new galleries as well as additions to the January Note show on the photos page, as well as the flyers and artwork added to the galleries on the stuff page. I'll post the Double Door photos sometime next week.

Did a lot of compression to the site to shrink it down a bit. Normally I would post the latest studio news, but I have recently decided to keep everything quiet until the actual completion of these projects. Sorry, no more studio updates. I will say I am very happy at this point. Take care....

Wow. Last night was excellent. It was the best we have ever played at the Palace, with an extraordinary crowd reaction for our small but strong set. Other great performances last night included an acoustic solo set by Leasure, Jason Kluss kicking ass, a very intense performance by Leper and a strong show from Mr. Deep. I'll put up the information about the CD on the site over the next week or so...I have lots of stuff on my plate right now.

First, we have studio time booked to finish up shit that has been put on hold for the longest time. This weekend will be a good time to get a lot of recordings taken care of that have been forgotten about or been collecting some dust. I still need to get my hands on a xylophone. Found my cellist and violinist, though.

I am also going to tackle that Breaking Fate recording. All the tracks are laid down, it is simply a matter of mixing it and mastering it for them. I am hoping to have that done before the middle of June.

I added three full photo sets on the photos page; one from a photo shoot to be used for the artwork for the Sammary "4" compilation, one from an Emergenza rehearsal several months ago, and the other from the Nelly's Piper gig a few weeks ago with IV Four and Lutraphobia. Also, there has been a small gallery of Brandon's artwork added to his personal bio page featuring his artwork. Yeah, lots to look at in this update.

Thanks again to everyone who supported us in Emergenza at the Note and the Double Door, as well as at the compilation release party. We shall keep in touch.

Well, our little stint at playing the Note twice as well as the Double Door has come to an end. The show last night was great. We could have played a little better, but with so many distractions lately (broken car, getting over a flu again, recording in the studio, planning a cross country trip) practicing has been difficult.

Next week on Friday we play at the compilation release party for a comp we did. Aside from that, we take a much needed break as to allow ourselves time to finish up these damn records we have on our plate!

Thanks to all those who supported us last night, including Breaking Fate, who played an excellent set as well.

The next update will consist of three photo pages being added to the site: one for the Double Door, one for Nelly's Piper, and one for a recent photo session.

Anyways, I am just happy to say I can add the Double Door to our long list of achievements. Until next time....

Did a lot of coding updates that basically allow this site to load a lot faster on your computers. The kind of updates you guys can't really see. Oh, and I added a FAQ's section to the stuff page, so check that out. Aside from that, we have the Double Door gig coming up...

The Double Door
Sunday, May 8th, 2005 7:30pm
1572 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 489-3160
Tickets are $12 from me, or $15 at the door

It's on Mother's Day, and because most of the people we know work jobs that require them to work that day (servers, bartenders, things like that) we are going to bring a very small (but loyal!) crowd.

After that, we have the CD compilation release party at the Palace on Friday, May 13th. We will only be playing 3 songs, and I am sure we'll get booked late in the night, but it is free, and free is always better than good. Our donation to the compilation is "Spam I Am" which is also appearing on the demo, on a single, and on the EP (although not the actual album). So do come out and see us.

After that, we won't be booking many shows for a month or two in order to complete the records we have going in the studio. Arno will be making his bass playing debut in the studio within the next few weeks. I promise that this summer we will have at least 3 releases.....our demo along with two singles that will promote the album, which will hopefully be completed before the end of the year.

For now, we are relaxing, learning a bunch of new covers to play, enjoying our stint at the Double Door, and focusing on the record. Breaking Fate will be in the studio to finish up the vocals on their 3 song demo, which has an early summer completion date on it, as well as Jason Kluss and his debut album, which also has an early to mid summer release date as well.

So aside from a few things here and there this summer, including Matteson Fest again (I am told from Brandon), we will be mostly busy on getting lots of things done. Namely, the demos, the single releases, the first full length NatureDevil album, and the follow up EP shortly after. Take care everybody.

Added some new flyers as well as a new section for past newspaper articles on the stuff page. More updates after the weekend, ciao.

First things first: we updated the pictures page and the stuff page.

Last nights show at Nelly's Piper rocked. Tons of people, and an energetic crowd. We played very well, and I was very proud of the band, overall. Photos will be up soon from the gig. For those of you who weren't there, we played for an hour, opening up for a band who calls themselves IV Four and then of course for Lutraphobia.

Arno and I moshed to IV Four but by the time Lutraphobia came out the floor was so packed we didn't want to injure any innocent bystanders, so we calmed down a bit. All the bands put forth a solid performance, with the head thrashing and moshing that come with it. I'd love to play with both of these guys again. Andy and Mike from Breaking fate were in the house as well, and Andy let me try some of his drink, called Sparks (I think) which was an alcoholic beverage that tasted exactly like a frigging pixie stick. That was weird, but now I have the taste in my mouth from last night, so I gotta find this shit again.

I also need to thank Lutraphobia one more time for being cool enough to let us come by and rock out.

We still have our gig on Sunday, May 8th at the Double Door to look forward to, plus Jay has finally completed the artwork for his record. We have 3 steps left: paying off the work for it, producing the actual physical record itself, and setting up and playing a record release party.

Then, after the Double Door we have a compilation CD release party to play. We'll only be doing 3 songs, and we'll probably get stuck playing at quarter to 1 in the morning cause things always seem to work that way for us when the compilation label is concerned, but it's free. No cover. And free is always better than good. So come out to see us there on Friday, May 13th at the Palace Billiards in Villa Park.

I'll have more stuff added to the site, including pictures from last nights show, as well as some artwork from Brandon, updated by next week. take care.

The guys who run Emergenza must have read my last update below, because in an odd turn of events, both Breaking Fate and Fisco were brought back into the semi finals. Not only that, but Breaking Fate will be playing on the same date with us as well; on May 8th.

Thus, we have lots of new things going on. There will be a "Road to the Double Door" gig taking place soon, probably this month, involving us, Breaking Fate and Lutraphobia in an attempt to gain attention and sell tickets to our respective Double Door gigs. Along with that, I myself have been working on booking some gigs (with the above mentioned bands) at Just One in Chicago and at Kelly O'Lous in Crown Point, IN.

Pertaining to this site, there have many updates. First, I cleaned up the links page a bit. I added a section to the stuff page where you can view old artwork and flyers from past gigs (and past band names) and I threw up several more flyers today from years ago.

And incase you missed it, there was the massive update to the photos page last week you need to check out if you haven't already.

The next thing on our agenda right now is finishing up the artwork for Jay's solo record, and putting on a good, solid show on Saturday, April 16th at Nelly's Piper in Lemont. With the new current lineup we have, and our new brutal practice schedule, there are no more excuses. We plan on making this gig our first major step towards putting on solid, professional performances. We need the challenge.

So that is it. Next time, I will have more photos to throw up as well as information on new gigs, including some for Jay. Props to Breaking Fate for there work at the studio last week. Looking forward to finishing up the ND stuff......

I feel very indifferent today. First, let me go over the updates for this week. I added the new photo album for the last show at the Note, where we advanced to the Double Door. Check it out on photos page.

Also new tour date at Nelly's Piper in Lemont, as well as the Double Door info can be found on the tour dates page. We'll be playing with Lutraphobia.

Got around to adding Arno to the bios page...I mean, he was already there, but I took down the stupid stick figure picture I had of him for the last few weeks and put up some real ones. He should be happy.

Finally, I added a few new links to the stuff page where you can see not only see the ideas for the "Mary-Kate and Ashley" CD promo but now the past flyers from shows going back years to long lost bands also. Knock yourself out.

Now, I know that no one actually reads this stuff on my site. I tend to use this as my own journal which helps me keep track of when things happen and stuff. Yesterday at the Emergenza show at the Note, two bands I know played. One was Breaking Fate and the other is a band I know through extension called Fisco. According to Jay, most of the people there supporting Fisco were people who pretty much hate me, or complained to Jay about me for some reason (I probably earned). Breaking Fate is a band who has helped us out many times in the past with gigs, and I returned the favor by bringing them into the studio to help them get a demo completed.

The problem is last night, according to the Emergenza site, neither band advanced to the semi-finals, yet we did. Both bands drew in 46 votes, and we drew almost half that, with 24. We were, however, on a lucky night and managed to squeak ourselves in with so few votes.

I am very proud of my band. I have been struggling for years and I have finally found a lineup I can work with very well, and I am happy that we have accomplished so much, between writing songs with the vice president of Victory Records to recording in the same studio Local H recorded their last album in. Those are some great memories.

Yet, I still feel so weird about our victory. Even though I am not interested in seeing Fisco, or hearing the music or being around the fans, they probably deserved to be in the semi-finals with Breaking Fate a lot more than we do. I have spent so much time in the studio that our live shows seem to suffer because of it, and yet we still press on. And yeah, I think the idea of bringing fans to vote you in to something is more of a popularity contest then being chosen on pure talent, but we have impressed lots of people from very important positions in a lot of different areas to get us the luxuries we have (if you want to call them luxuries).

I guess I just want to give major props out to bands like Breaking Fate, and even Fisco, as well as all the other bands who poured so much into getting fans to come and support them at this show, as well as every other show they have ever played. It is hard, and we have such a small fan base right now, with us barely playing gigs and being so closed off from the world. Maybe we do deserve to play the Double Door, maybe we don't. But we are. We will do our best. I will do my best. I want to make our performance be the best we have played to date, and I want to impress even more people and to let those bands know that I do not take our luck for granted.

That's all.

Bam! Lots of stuff to announce today, involving so many different things. First, we advanced in Emergenza to Round 3, also known as the semi-finals. This time, the winners are determined by judges, so we will have professionals in the music industry telling us we suck. If by some miracle of chance we advance, then we play at the Metro in June, but don't hold your breath. So if you want to see us play our largest venue to date (with this lineup) you need to come to the Double Door gig. Here is the info:

The Double Door
Sunday, May 8th, 2005 7:30pm
1572 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 489-3160
Tickets are $12 from me, or $15 at the door

In going along with massive updates, we have updated the photos page, almost tripling the amount of photos in there and separating them in a gallery format. You'll see when you go there. I am sure you also noticed the change in the buttons around the site as well.

I updated the tour dates page with the info on the Double Door gig as well as a CD compilation party we are playing at in May as well. You can click on the flyer above to get a bigger version of the flyer if you wish, and Arno has been added to the bios page, kind of. You'll see. I don't have any pics of him yet developed, but that should change in a week or two. Check it all out.

Jay's album is on the way, set for a May release. Breaking fate will complete their studio demo this month, and NatureDevil will have a press kit ready by the end of May. Keep in touch.

I feel like an idiot, when I look at the negativity in the last update and how I was convinced we were not going to advance. I was convinced our little run in Emergenza was over last night. I was wrong.

We are moving on the the Double Door, the date undetermined at this point. I will know in a week. New flyer designs will be in the making ASAP.

Honestly, I thought losing would be a good thing because then I would focus more in the studio and in completing the record - these Emergenza shows are the ONLY thing we have been focusing on. That is why the tour dates are almost empty; nothing else but work on the record and Emergenza.

Several things happened at the Note that went well, including the first show with our new bassist, Arno (who will have a profile up soon) and the debut of a new song, "We're Big In Europe!" which went over extremely well. Oh, just for the record, here is our setlist from last night:

The Other Half of Fearless pt. 1
Solid Brass Heart
Spam I Am
Nothing I Can Do
We're Big In Europe!

Big updates in the next week or so, involving several different aspects of this site. But it is 2 in the morning, I am going to bed. I want to thank each and every person who bought a ticket and came to see us and vote for us, as well as those who we won over at the Note that night. Thanks again.

Yeah, it's been a fun Cinderella run for us, but we get eliminated from Emergenza this weekend. We passed through the first round by the skins of our teeth, but we aren't anywhere near the 30+ people we need to get us through to the Double Door. But, just for the hell of it, here is the information one more time....

The Note
March 12th, 2005 7:00pm
1565 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 489-0011
Tickets are $10 from me, or $15 at the door

We are the first band up, so if you come, be early. We'll also be debuting a new song never performed yet by us, "We're Big In Europe!", which is very experimental, and possibly the last song to be added to the album lineup.

Speaking of albums, I will have a CD release party date for Jay's solo acoustic record up on this site next week, when I post our record low score from the Note show. I apologize for being so negative about it, but I still have no idea how some bands can easily get 50 to 80 people at there shows for $10 a head, and we struggle to get 20. I am actually happy to get this out of the way, because I have been putting the NatureDevil records on hold this last month to get this, and other side projects out of the way. The album is about 40% complete, but it needs much more work.

The two records are the main NatureDevil record tentatively titled "Better Living Through Denial" and the LP titled "Doesn't Play Well With Others." The BLTD record is all songs written by me, and the LP is songs written by me and co written by many others.

Maybe after Emergenza, I might start to post a track listing. Hope to see you at the Note this Saturday. Ciao.

I graduate today with a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Management from DeVry University. I am so tired right now, so I will keep this short. Tomorrow Breaking Fate records a few songs at Sammary studios, and then after that we finish the artwork for Jason Kluss' acoustic record.

As for NatureDevil, I may add a few shows to our schedule, but I am really more interested in getting the last few drum tracks down in the studio. We'll see where we are a few weeks from now. Don't forget our Emergenza show....

The Note
March 12th, 2005 7:00pm
1565 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 489-0011
Tickets are $10 from me, or $15 at the door

...I am sure those words are music to the Muse's ears right now. Lots of stuff taking place right now, and I am kept busy as hell with my graduation less than 3 weeks away. Here is a short list of what has been going on:

The debut acoustic album by Jason Kluss, titled "No Fear In Me," is looking to be 9 songs in length. The final process of mastering the album is all that needs to be completed, and will hopefully be completed before the end of the month. Artwork and a CD release party date will be announced shortly afterwards.

Breaking Fate will make their debut at the Sammary studios with a three song demo that will be recorded, mixed and mastered by yours truly. For info on that, go to and dig around.

NatureDevil has a new bass player, and his name is Arno. Yeah, you'd think I would have made this the first thing to mention, but nothing is set in stone yet. Arno is from Bulgaria, and has lived in America for less than a year. An excellent guitar player with a fair amount of experience onstage and in the studio, he now wants to play bass. After this weekend we will find out for sure if he will work or not. I'll post more on that later.

NatureDevil will also be playing at the open mic night this Saturday at Just One in Elmwood Park, and Wednesday at the Palace Billiards in Villa Park. This is all to help sell tickets for is the info....

Just One
February 12th, 2005 9:30pm
2628 N Harlem Ave
Elmwood Park, IL
(708) 456-5566

Palace Billiards
February 16th, 2005 9:00pm
160 W Roosevelt Rd
Villa Park, IL
(630) 941-3500

The Note
March 12th, 2005 7:00pm
1565 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 489-0011
Tickets are $10 from me, or $15 at the door

This site will have some new updates as well, including the bio information of Arno, if all goes well. Hope to see some of you guys at the shows. Ciao....

Emergenza is still on this list for Saturday, March 12th at 7pm. Yeah, we are the first band again. Wait till you guys see these new flyers we came up with!! They will be posted by the first week of February.

In the mean time, I graduate in a few weeks. I'll be hosting a concert that night too at a "Special Invitation Only" engagement. Hehehe. Anyways, it is a private gathering, but there will be several performances by some close friends of mine whom I won't advertise. I'll let you know how that goes.

Oooh....also, this Friday I have two concerts I have to run, one on the south side and one on the north side, and it is going to be fun to pull off. Thursday I'll be at Emergenza supporting Breaking Fate. There is some musical restructuring going on, as I may have found our permanent bass player and thus, after a year of searching, may have the final lineup for NatureDevil. I'll have more at the next update.

As for the studio, Brandon and Jay need to get in to do some backup vocals for a few tracks. Hopefully the next compilation that we'll be on will be released by March. I am excited because I was hoping to get the LP finished by then, but that isn't going to happen. Too many new ideas I am tinkering with. Anyway, I gotta run, so you'll see some new updates soon. Take care.

Well, I must say, I am honored, humbled, confused, excited, bewildered, and a little miffed. We've advanced in Emergenza into the next level, which coincidentally is still at the Note again. This time, we go on at 7pm on Saturday, March 12th.

Even though we lost the vote by the crowd due to being first and being the day after the huge snowstorm (I am trying to be optimistic here) we apparently impressed enough important people who have brought us back into the competition to fill some gaps in the later rounds.

I am just as confused as you guys.

Anyways, we are playing the Note again because we impressed some people and were invited back in, probably out of sympathy for our last humiliating defeat. And yeah, we are playing first again, at an earlier time, but hopefully our fans won't be stopped by bad weather and we can get voted in this time.

In studio news, the vocal tracks to "Spam I Am" and "Mary-Kate + Ashley" are completed, aside from the backup vocals from Brandon and Jay on "Spam I Am" which will be done in the next week or so. Guitar leads will be completed by yours truly for a few songs before the month is over.

Any other news on Emergenza or the studio work will be added. I should have photos from the last Note show up in a week or so. Ciao.

I am not sure if I am thrilled or annoyed today. Perhaps a little of both. We played two shows over the last two nights, including Emergenza last night at the Note. We got eliminated.

Even worse, 2 bands pulled out, so there were only 6 bands playing with 4 of them advancing, and we still managed to find a way to lose! was a numbers game. We ended up playing first at 9pm, and the large masses of people didn't arrive till 10pm. So yeah, the band after us also was eliminated.

Here is the good news, however. We played well. Very well. We were the ONLY band of the evening to not have any loud feedback, humming, or hacking with the equipment. Everything went smoothly, and there were no problems at all. I didn't break a string (gasp!) and we had some people moshing and jumping around.

The previous night at the Palace was great as well. Now that we are eliminated, I am going to take my time to focus on the studio more and a little less on panicking about winning ridiculous contests. It was fun, and it would have been nice to play the Double Door at some point, but I guess we'll just have to do it the ol' fashioned way and cut a record.

Lots of people stood out in my mind last night. Andy Lencioni from old school IOD and many other incarnations of it was there. Andy and Mike from Breaking Fate came out to support us as well (they play Emergenza at the Note on Thursday, January 27th) and the bands we played with kicked ass.

Soulfix was a trio with a punch and did an excellent job, and Session 6 was a workout alone for me in the pit. Really hot chick on the bass that I should have taken more photos of.

So that's it. We played at our best and still sucked. I'd like to think if the numbers worked out in favor of us as the night went on and we didn't have to play first, we may have advanced, but fuck it. That's just the way it is. Time to get back to that damn record.

I want to thank everyone who came out to see us, I REALLY fucking appreciate it. Hope you had a good time. I'll have pictures up soon.

We are playing in the first round of the Emergenza concerts in January which is held at the following info:

The Note
January 6th, 2005 8:30pm
1565 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 489-0011
Tickets are $10 from me, or $15 at the door

Also, we'll be playing at the open mic night on Wednesday, January 5th in Villa Park. The info is located on the tour dates page. Read the past updates below for more info on a few other areas of interest.

This is a big year for me, personally. Many things are taking place, including me graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Business Technical Management from DeVry in about 7 weeks, and purchasing a house in the spring. Also, I begin extensive training in doing sound, mixing, and recording in the best studios and with the best equipment available today. Music is now my career, and my profession.

I am working on, producing and completing my first NatureDevil album, Jason Kluss is about to finish his debut solo album, and we begin Jason's second album this year, with me at the helm as the producer. Oh yeah, I will produce my first record for someone else! I mean, it's Jay and all and I know the guy very well, but it is still an honor for me to be able to do this so early in a music profession.

I wish good luck to all in their adventures in life, because mine has taken me all around the country in the past several years and allowed to me do what I want in life for a living. Too many great opportunities have come my way and dammit, I will hold on to them as long as I can. So keep doing what you do. Hope to see some of you guys at my shows this week. Ciao.

Had so many gigs this weekend it was nuts. Met a few famous Chicago musicians including Joe Kelly and Ted Aliota (if you don't know who I am talking about, listen to the Drive 97.1 and you'll understand) and had to do sound for them. Damn, my music resume is getting good.

Oh, we have a show on January 27th somewhere in the downtown area. Honestly, that is all I know. Brandon hasn't really said much to me other than that. Some hotel, and it has to do with his school. I swear I'll post some info as soon as I get it.

One of my last 2 classes ends this coming Saturday, which will be followed by wanton drinking and three layer chocolate cake.

As for studio information, several songs are now in the pre-mixing stages. That basically means all the brickwork has been laid down for them. Spam I Am, Mary-Kate + Ashley, Callisto, Solid Brass Heart, We're Big In Europe, Nothing I Can Do, the first half of Wicked (soon to have a title change), and What You Leave Behind.

On a side note, I received an e-mail from a former band member (this happens more often than not) about songs and legalities. So everyone knows, I copyright everything I touch that I had an interest in creating solely for the purpose of protecting myself. Images, names, titles, chords, lyrics, even stuff I don't use anymore. Unlike other musicians I have worked with, I only work with and publish my own material, unless I was given permission by others (like when Andy allowed me to copyright "Wench" and record my own version of it to be on the LP). Everything you hear on the debut album is music I wrote entirely by myself from top to bottom, not just because of my ego but to distance myself from anyone else.

This is funny because the LP that we are releasing will have 5 tracks on it, all songs that were written in collaboration with other musicians (and complete credit is awarded on this). I refuse to put anything on the NatureDevil record that I did not write 100% by myself. Thus, I am putting out the LP because they are still good songs, just songs that I do not want to be on my album. Here is the track list (subject to change):

"Spam I Am" (B. Lambrecht, L. Gottlieb, R. Dean)
"Mary-Kate + Ashley" (B. Lambrecht, R. Dean)
"Toro Toro" (B. Lambrecht, U. Foley)
"Wench" (A. Lencioni)
"What the Heck?" (J. Kluss)

The tentative title for this LP: "Doesn't Play Well With Others." Yeah, I know. I ask for it. Enjoy the holidays and the winter break. I may not be able to update until closer to the New Year. Ciao.

We'll be in the studio all day this Saturday, doing a few tracks for the ND record as well as mixing down a few more tracks for Jay's solo record. Check out the new flyers for the Emergenza show that I posted above and on the front page. For all other updates, read below to catch up on the latest info.....

Jay's solo album, with me on bass for a few tracks, is in the final mixing stages. Preparation for the albums' promotion, as well as beginning the process for a follow up record has already started. The album is titled "No Fear In Me" and should be set for an early 2005 release.

As for the NatureDevil record, things are going smoothly. A few acoustic tracks were recorded, and one of the near-complete tracks will be completed, and used on a local Chicago musician compilation to be released later this year. Aside from the one track, I'd say the entire record is about 12% complete.

I am working on getting a few shows booked for next year, just after the holidays and the completion of one of my last 2 classes at school. Working with Breaking Fate and Lutraphobia, possible venues include the Penny Road Pub, the Abbey Pub, the Beat Kitchen, the Elbow Room, the Empty Bottle, and Subterranean.

New photos will be up shortly from the Memories show a few months ago (sorry it took so long) and they look pretty good.

On a side note, several drummers are being looked at to record with Jay on his next album. Some of these include Brandon from NatureDevil, Dino, Oswaldo, and Mike from Breaking Fate, who were all asked if they would want to participate. One of these tracks may also appear on a compilation to be released later this year as well.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday, I'll be inside alone all day working on two papers. Until next time...

I wish I had more to say right now. Been in the studio at least 3 days a week for the last several weeks. Read the last few updates below to catch up on the concerts we've been doing and are doing. Aside from that, we need to keep on track with what is going on and focus completely on this record. I'll have a detailed description of what we have accomplished so far in a few weeks. Take care....

The artwork is officially underway as the Muse goes to work on album covers for the NatureDevil record and Jason Kluss' record. This Saturday as well as next Saturday will be both 12 hour recording days, as we get the drums down for 3 to 6 NatureDevil songs to be started on, and finish up drums on Jay's album for 6 or 7 songs. We hope.

We are playing in the first round of the Emergenza concerts in January which is held at the following info:

The Note
January 6th, 2005 8:30pm
1565 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 489-0011
Tickets are $10 from me, or $15 at the door

Also, we'll be playing at the open mic night on Wednesdays in Villa Park. The info is located on the tour dates page. Some new additions to the site are coming soon.

We'll be in the studio all day on the 23rd to lay down drum tracks for 6 songs. Full album production officially begins.

Okay, now you guys really need to help us. NatureDevil, being a band with almost no fanbase and no releasable demos yet, is entered in a Battle of the Bands in Chicago that contains over 240 other bands with the first few rounds of the battle being based on fan votes. Yeah. We're fucked.

We will, however, do our best to sell tickets and promote our asses off and we might even try to better ourselves as musicians in the process!! Flat out, we will still try. We won't get votes, we won't sell tickets, and we will definitely not make it past the first round. But we will try. We are playing in the first round in January which is held at the following info:

The Note
January 6th, 2005 8:30pm
1565 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 489-0011
Tickets are $10 from me, or $15 at the door

Emergenza are the guys who are large and in charge here. The website has all the info and more on anything you want to know about being a band and playing shows. We are grateful to them for giving us this opportunity, now all we have to do is not screw it up and perform well.

Okay, enough with the depressing drama. We still have the VIP party going on in a few weeks. If anyone wants tickets, please feel free to e-mail me at for info and I can sell them to you direct. We appreciate all your support and will do our best to not let anyone down. Until next time.....

NatureDevil is entering in a Battle of the Bands coming this fall. I can't give details yet, but I will have them for you on this site after next Wednesday. All I can say is that the first round is at the Note, if we make it to the second round, we play the Double Door, and the third round takes us to the Metro.

Jay and I will be performing in the commons for a free show from 11am till about 1pm at the DeVry University campus in Addison on Wednesday, September 29th. Feel free to attend. I'll have more next week on our studio progress and concert calendar. Ciao.

What a day for an update. There are a few things I should mention here, and I'll probably have to return in a few days to clarify it, so bear with me

First, we have been invited to play a benefit concert of some kind this upcoming Saturday. I honestly no nothing about it yet as no one has told me much. I do know that Lutraphobia and Breaking Fate are playing and they were the ones who invited us, which is cool. I plan on inviting them on some shows with us soon at some of the venues here in the city, but between Jay's album and mine both lingering on near completion, and DeVry kicking my ass all over the place, it has been hard putting together demos and harassing promoters. So I decided in the meantime to do something about it.

A party. Not just any party, a VIP special invitation only party with performances by NatureDevil as well as Lutraphobia, Breaking Fate and Jay's band, Outer 8 Moons with Dino guest appearing on drums. Getting into this show is simple. Talk to one of the band members personally and get a flyer with the address. BYOB, also. It starts around noon and goes on till.....well....people will probably be crashing on the couches around 3am. The band performances start around 6pm, starting with Jay.

For those who don't know, Jay's 10 year anniversary of playing guitar and writing songs just passed last month, and this is way of showing appreciation to all of his fans. We are going to find a way to smash the best of his material from a 6 hour setlist into about an hour or so. So please attend the performance, if you know where to find us. I'll give you a hint, it is on Saturday, October 2nd, so you have time to find one of us. Until next time....

Big updates coming soon. Promise.

The show turned out pretty good last night. We had the same problem we have at every show we do when we have sound people who constantly make the same mistake with our band....they see Jay playing an acoustic and me on the loud distorted amp, and they turn me down and Jay up to "even it out" and they end up fucking all of us up, because no one can hear me because I am too quiet and drowned out by Jay's leads.

So what happens is when I sing I can't match up to the key in the guitars and at the same time, Jay's soloing goes everywhere cause he can't hear the key changes. I either need to control the sound myself at all our shows (which has proven to be a great success in the past) or get a full time roadie to do it for us. Big pain in the ass.

Anyway, the show was a success, we start video production at the end of the month if all goes well, and we start sending out the promo kits by mid-September. I am working on a second website for Jay's stuff. There is a drummer you all have yet to meet.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, I know I will. Got lotsa plans. I'll take a break from updating for a while with the exception of a bunch of new photos in the next week or so. Hopefully we'll have some big stuff up and ready to go by fall. Until then.....

Been a good few weeks. Paid off a lot of my debts, added over a dozen new photos to this website, wrote a few new songs, worked with some possible new bass players, and tackled Minnesota. Going to hit New York and Canada next.

As for news, music video production is underway. Director Margaret Hendricksen is at work on a script for the video for "What You Leave Behind" and eventually "Nothing I Can Do" which has a promising concept behind it. Trust me you are going to love it. We hope to tackle the first video before the end of the month, and to tackle the second one by Halloween. I have been asking some friends from other bands to help us out with the production for "Nothing I Can Do" as we'll need a hearty cast.

NatureDevil, as well as Jason Kluss (and remember, NatureDevil plays bass for Jay), has a performance this coming Saturday for the CD release party of the Chicago musician disc. Each of us will be doing 3 songs from our setlist, and it will be the debut of Jay's drummer, 14 year old Patrick. Never before been on stage to drum, this drummer/baseball player/jazz trumpet player is sure to make an impact. We'll kick ass with Jay, so don't worry. You can get details, as always, on the tour dates page.

As for NatureDevil, well, I am ready as always. Oh, and we may have a show on the 18th at DeVry University in Addison, but nothing is confirmed yet. I'll have this info on that ASAP. An all acoustic show at Something's Brewing in Oak Park may also be in the cards for Jay as well. Keep in contact.

Pre-production for the music video "What You Leave Behind" starts tonight. Margaret Hendricksen is taking on the project as director.

As far as updates, not a lot I can tell you for right now. Keeping the info on the low, if you know what I mean. We are still doing the CD release party in the 14th, so come to that if you can, details, as always are on the tour dates page. I'll fill you in with more stuff and new picture updates as the month goes on. Ciao.

I added over a dozen new photos from the studios on the photos page, so go have a looksee Also, I did some work on the music page, and put up the info for the upcoming CD release party on the tour dates page. I actually updated the stuff page with the Mary-Kate and Ashley pics as promised.

I covered Minnesota over the weekend, hiked over 6 miles through the forest, climbed up several waterfalls and through the Baptism River a few times. Very dangerous shit, as that current can suck you into Lake Superior if you don't watch yourself. Excellent workout, but if the state knew what we were doing in their National Park, we would have been in deep shit. But that is what life is about, breaking rules and breaking a sweat.

We are busy with lots of work. Recording in two studios this week, Jay may have drummer Patrick Scaletta performing on several tracks of his record. At the same time, four old songs I retired years ago are coming into new life, two new songs have been written, and I may own the rights to an original song written by a friend of mine years ago in a few weeks. I'll fill you in as time goes by.

The newest project is the production of a music video for the song that is appearing on the compilation being released August 14th. Between myself, producer Michael Charles and director Margaret Hendricksen, we may just barely get the video done in time for promotion of the compilation. If all goes according to schedule, we may have the video up on this website in less than a month. I'll update you on how well the project goes over the next few weeks. We may start filming as early as next weekend.

Oh, and we are still looking for a bass player. Anyone interested? If you learn the parts fast enough, you can play the August 14th CD release party with us. E-mail me Here.

Check out the long overdue update I did on the photos page from Matteson Fest, where we came in 3rd place a few weekends ago. I added even more photos today.

The song "What You Leave Behind" has been cleared from the final mixing stages, and is off to mastered for the compilation. We'll be performing that song, as well as a few others, at the show on August 14th. The tour dates page has all the details. The club is right off the intersection of Cicero and Montrose, on the north side of Chicago. Hope to see you guys there, as I'll be giving away free stuff too as well.

Check out the long overdue update I did on the photos page from Matteson Fest, where we came in 3rd place a few weekends ago.

Spent 7 hours in the studio today, but we started and completed a whole new track. It will appear on a special compilation being released in August, and you are all invited to the CD release party. As usual, check the tour dates page for the details. Oh, and read the results from our last show in the update below. Until next time....

Wow, am I tired. We stayed at that show loading, unloading, setting up, taking down, and playing a little, over a span of just over 8 hours. Lots of hot women, and we gave them all ballgags. None of them posed for pictures with us either, so sorry, none to show. Oh, and great news.... damn A string broke when I hit the first chord of our set. Yup. So I fudged my way through Wicked, then ran off stage while Jay did Summertime Blues, one of his songs, and I tuned up and played my Jackson, which sounded like SHIT!!! But at least it was there, and I hacked our way through the set. We were horrible. I am depressed.

Brandon kept dropping drumsticks, Jay had issues with tuning, and I had issues with everything because the Jackson through everything off for me. Funny thing is, even though the place was eventually packed with lots of people, none of them know who we are, so they were mostly outside smoking or talking. So not a lot of people watched us suck too bad.

The other bands liked us, and they said they remembered us from Rube's when we actually played well. Lutraphobia was fun, did lots of moshing although no one else did much with me, and Breaking Fate played excellent as always. I just hate putting on a bad performance. I mean, it was great to see all the girls play with the ballgags, but it would be better if they actually liked the band and possibly remembered who we were. Oh yeah, I went to the show with 46 ballgags. Came home with 4. Lots of fans crowded around the stage for Lutraphobia and Breaking Fate too, which was cool, I just wish some of them came to see us as well. Reminded me of the old days with IOD and 2nd Nature, and Castrato, and the French Ambassadores. Damn, I am too old and ugly to be a musician anymore.

I am going to try to set up some shows up here close to home if I can. Maybe have some of these south side bands come up here for a change. Worked on the NatureDevil album some more last week, and there are only 2 tracks of Jay's basslines left to do till his album is completed.

Oh, and we are going to be a huge Chicagoland music compilation. I can't believe I forgot to mention this. I need sleep, so I will update it next week if I can. Hey, if anyone reading this was at the show and got a ballgag or saw us play, please write to me at and tell me what you thought. Could use the input. Oh, and I am lonely (weeps). Until next time, take care.....

Wow. We have gone from being completely unknown to playing AT LEAST one show every weekend, sometimes two. We're getting cheers, too.

Matteson Fest was cool, as we came in 3rd place in our division. We sounded excellent, and I shall have some pictures up soon, ala Muse. Huge crowd was there, so we had a great opportunity to gain some exposure to a crowd who has never seen us before. As I said earlier too, we got cheers!! Hopefully some of them will check out the website, as I tried plugging this site as much as I could, without looking too pathetic.

We have a show next week with the same setup as last night Rube's show, but this one is at Zion Lutheran School, in Matteson. As usual, check the tour dates page for details. I'll post directions here in a day or two. I believe it will be our best show to date.

Yup. Busy. Returning to the studio Sunday to finish up the last 3 basslines on Jay's record, then on to my studio with Josh on Wednesday to finish up guitars and vocals for 3 more tracks. Press kit will be completed soon. Artwork for both records will start next week as well. NatureDevil, with the current setup we have now, can play at least 15 original songs, with several covers to go with it, and we still don't have a bass player.

Well, maybe. Brandon found a girl, but I am not convinced yet. So if there are any girls out there who wanna play bass for us, you had better write to me soon, cause your chance may be up. Hope to see you guys at the next show.

The show for June 11th is still on; our time slot has been moved to 9pm, which is good. I have two finals that day, which makes it near impossible for me to arrive at the venue at our original time of 7pm. I need to thank Andy from Breaking Fate for helping me through the situation.

Oh, and I have no idea what Matteson Fest is, but we are playing it Saturday, and there are cash prizes and stuff. I do not know where it is at all, but I think that Matteson is a town somewhere south of me, so it is probably in that town somewhere. I'll ask Brandon and try to get some info on it.

Yeah, I have a final in Marketing that morning and then one later in Project Management. Then the following Monday, I get my ass handed to me in my Accounting final.

Oh, I got vocals completed for two more songs and the guitars down for one more. Progress.

This Sunday I return to Jay's studio and in 3 weeks given time, we should both have some albums ready for release. I'll put up more info here when I get it. Come to the show next Friday, and we'll pass out some toys to everyone. Thanks, and take care.

All the different studios confuse the shit out of me. Jay's album is near completion, just a few more basslines for me to go. I should have the first half of my album done in two more sessions, which should be completed in less than 3 weeks. As for our producer guy, who the hell knows.

Okay, so we have two shows going on, and they are both going to suck for us. First of all, we still have no bass player, although this shouldn't affect us too much. Secondly, there won't be anyone to see us play at Rube's on June 11th. I was under the impression we we're going to be on stage later at night, around 9 or 10pm. Instead, they booked us at 7pm. Yeah. In Friday rush hour traffic, it takes almost 2 hours for our fans to get there, so there is no point to promoting the show at all, cause no one can make it. Finally, I told the guy that I have class on Fridays, and June 11th is my final in Project Management, which means that I won't be able to make it there in time. Like I said, I was under the impression that we were playing a later time slot.

Because of that third reason, we may pull out of the show. I have 5 more classes to go till I graduate, and it cost me $2,000 for that Project Management class, which means I am not ditching it. I am almost through with school, and after June 14th, I have no more school engagements for the rest of the whole summer. So we will most likely have to bow out of the show.

Oh, and NatureDevil T-shirts are going to be printed this weekend. I'll have more later. Ciao.

We were going to play a second show at Rube's, but opted out for several reasons. Jay, however, joined Breaking Fate in a cover of Purple Rain by Prince, which Jay wailed on. I don't think anyone was expecting Jay to be as good as he was, especially when he never really heard the song before. Anyway, we have another show with Breaking Fate and several other bands on Friday, June 11th at Rubes. All the details are on the tour dates page.

Also, we passed out the ballgags at the show, and several punk chicks wearing them. I'll get photos up if they send them to me. I don't remember the last time I was flashed as many panties as I was at Rubes that day, but I am not complaining. I wanna turn them into bondage models for the DevilKittens bondage album, if any of them will let me tie them up! Jay and myself need to make more of those damn things.

Lots of studio stuff this week. I will be in one studio today to do basslines for Jay's record, then I'll be in another on Wednesday to finish the vocals on 4 tracks along with a guitar track and a bass track. Then, Saturday, all three of us go to a third studio to work on that ultra secret project going on that I keep talking about. Busy shit. Yeah, I have no idea what the fuck our producer guy is doing. ACtually I do, and it's nothing right now.

Aside from everything else, we are doing open mic nights on Sundays and doing a big house party this weekend. Several shows lined up for the summer, should be fun.

Oh, and I got an A in my history class. Yip yip.

There are now four MP3's on the site, two of them are Jay's original songs, which were just added today. Check them out. Jay's debut album comes out this summer, with yours truly playing the basslines, and should be a treat to hear.

Jay has also gotten himself a well-paying side job where every Friday and Saturday night in June and July, he will be jamming at a club out in the Chicago suburbs. Jazz, blues, rock, you name it, he'll be doing it (with yours truly also available doing sound). We both have several studio dates we still have to meet, along with a show tonight, and a few others to come. Busy summer. I'll update you on both of our albums and how well they are evolving towards completion. Take care.

A few new shows are being prepared as I write this; I should have the information by the weekend. There is still a show this weekend on Chicago's south side, and another possible acoustic show in the near future. As far as recording is concerned, still busy in all the studios. I may add a few more MP3's of Jay's music, and one or two more NatureDevil songs. Lots of shit going on, and I am way too busy to get into it all right now. All I need to say is the stuff with our producer goes down in 2 weeks and then I should have some more info for you all. Until next time....

New show booked, with a few more on the way, and a few more dates in the studio have been added to our agenda. I shall have MP3's up shortly, and hopefully the lyrics page will be updated as well.

It's been a busy week with so many stupid things popping up, between crying/screaming bass players to mid term exams, to scheduling tour dates and practices, wrestling events, and last minute bass playing on my part for some friends. Otherwise, things are pretty normal. Jay and I have our acoustic show this Saturday, so if you are bored and wanna stop by, it's free. I am going on a few road trips out of state here and there, and with recording and jamming I will not be able to update for a little while (like you care). So other than the shows coming up, I will be frugal with my updates, I shall talk to you all later, adios.

We will most likely be in the market for a new bass player, preferably female, but I already have some people in mind who will try out in the next few days. A new show has been booked that will be a full band fiasco. It is in May, so check the tour dates page for details.

If anyone is interested in playing bass, please e-mail us at and give us your info. Don't forget, a week from today, which will be Saturday, April 17th, Jay and I will be doing the all acoustic show in Oak Park. Don't miss it, it's free.

Wow, after over 10 straight hours in the studio, we took a week off from jamming and immediately Jay and myself got to work on getting ready for our acoustic show on the 17th of this month. Jay and myself will return to the studios, albeit a different one, going back to Josh to complete a 5 song demo. We may be returning to another studio again before the month is up to rework a song and maybe do a new one altogether.

The new Local H album hit stores yesterday and I think it is...okay. It will take some time to grow on me. I wish Scott Lucas would stop trying to be Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd and focus more on being Local H.

Too many things are happening again, I love being busy! Don't forget the show on Saturday, April 17th in Oak Park. We will be playing over 3 hours of acoustic music, and it is free anyways, so what have you got to lose?

We spent over 10 hours in the studio on Saturday to get these 2 songs pumped out and finished. Spent a few more on Sunday to get them mixed. I was thrilled as fuck because the studio we recorded in was the same studio that Local H recorded their last EP in and the latest album, which has yet to be released as of the current date. Scott Lucas slobbered all over the same microphones I used!

Anyway, much more work is ahead for us. Now that the demo is done, we have some time to relax while we let the magic happen. Jay and I are doing the acoustic show on April 17th, which is listed on the tour dates page, and Jay also needs to finish his vocal work on his own album. I will join him in 2 weeks to lay down some bass tracks. Lauren, Jay and myself will also play a few open mic nights that include a Borders in Oak Park, and Cary's Lounge on the north side of Chicago. The three of us will appear on a live compilation being recorded at Cary's in a month as well. Oh, and this Friday night Brandon's side project band will be playing in a Battle of the Bands at a local Chicago venue.

I don't think I have ever been this busy in my life with music. I love it, and I hope I can continue it. Take care.

Okay, three pages have all been updated in the last two weeks, these being the links page, the bios page and the tour dates page.

I cleaned out a few links I don't care about anymore and added a ton that I should have added a while ago. The bios page has all new biographies on the 4 members of NatureDevil with a bunch of new pictures. Even better, the Muse should have a dozen or so more photos added by the end of the weekend.

Oh, and we have a tour date. Jay and myself are playing a 3 hour acoustic set at a cafe in Oak Park on April 17th. All the info is on the tour dates page. This show will rock, and will have many surprises, as Jay and myself will be playing songs from both of our very large catalogs throughout the last 10 years. Oh, and expect many covers as well. Go check out the tour dates page for details.

Oh, and tomorrow is a big day for us, a day we have been waiting for since before Christmas. We go into the studio to record a few tracks and then we wait to see what happens with them. You know, all that stuff I have been holding out on you guys? Yeah, well, I am still keeping most of it secret. Saturday is going to be brutal for all of us. Don't worry though, the Muse will be on hand to take some photos, and if things go well, by the middle of next week you'll see some photos of all 4 of us in the studio together.

As a side note, Jay has returned to the studio with Michael Charles to continue working on his solo album. I'll be on a couple of tracks playing bass for Jay. Muse will be there as well with her trusty camera gear.

So please come to our show in April and hopefully by then we will have some announcements as to what is going on as well as some guest appearances. More info to follow on this website as the days go by. Thanks.

Yes, I have cleaned out a link or two on the links page and added about 7 new ones. Also, remember to see the newly revamped bios section as well.

We return to the studios next weekend for a grueling recording session, stopping at nothing short of pumping out two singles. The studio we are recording in, which shall remain nameless for now, is a nice one in the city that has been graced by the presence of brands such as Cheap Trick, Caviar, Figdish, and my heroes, Local H. After we get this recording done, we wait. Maybe a week or two. Then, after that, hopefully if things go well, I can tell you some more information about just what is going on.

I need to redo the entire music page on this site because it sucks and is highly outdated. None of the lyrics are posted, and no new songs from the last several years have been added. Why, I don't know. I'll get around to it someday. I have bigger things on my mind as of late, and things could get very interesting for this band as early as next month. If things do go well, expect to see this site get a makeover (again) for the new changes that will be taking place. Damn, I wanna play shows. I miss being onstage.

Well, Benoit came out on top last night beating HHH and Shawn Michaels in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania XX, and the Undertaker returned in his old gimmick to beat the living hell out of Kane.

Anyway, go to the bios page to see the newest photos and bios that have been added. More to come by as early as the end of the week.

We go to the studios in 2 weeks to get some new material down. It is a new studio that I have never actually recorded in, but Local H did just a few years ago, so I am all for this place. I'll fill you in....well, at least I'll fill you in with the stuff I can. Take care.

Okay, you need to check out the bios page. The pics of Brandon should be developed by next week, and you can catch a glimpse of him. Be afraid.

Yes, we have a new bass player! Give us a week or so to update the bio page and you can find out all about her.

Now, people have been asking, just what the hell is going on? I mean, after all, I am keeping quiet about a lot of stuff. Now, are we doing Jay's song? Well, yes. Kinda. Are we doing NatureDevil songs? I hope so. Are we doing something different also? Perhaps. What name are we going by? Don't know. Why is everything so weird? That is life. Is there some reason I am being such a cryptic asshole? Yes.

Stay tuned. I promise everything will make sense soon. Really.

Beat Manhunt. Great game. So what is going on now?

Going back to the studio ala Josh in a few weeks to hopefully complete a 5 song demo, including the following songs:
"Nothing I Can Do'
"Solid Brass Heart"

Going into a different studio to record a completely different song that I still am remaining quite silent about. That project has become my main concern right now. Long story, and I am still not talking, or typing.

Jason, along with myself, will be doing some more photo shoots over the next two weeks, thanks to help from the Muse. Here come the 8 x 10 inch black and white glossy photos! I'll post them ASAP.

The GHA is still taking place, albeit at a slow pace due to everything else sideswiping me this month. All of those who personally know me will find out just what this thing is in a few months. Patience.

Oh yes, and my proudest moment of all. Jay and myself are throwing a private acoustic 3 hour set at a friend's house. It is an all girls only concert, with the two of us being the only males, and has been dubbed the "Miniskirt and Cleavage Concert" of 2004. Only hot chicks decked out are allowed in to this. Believe it or not, there is very good reason for this, and it is not what you think. In some twisted way, it is related to the above topic that I am not talking about. It should be fun.

Confused or annoyed yet? I know, life sucks.

Manhunt is a great way to relieve stress. For those of you who do not know, it is a vicious game for the PS2. Yes, I borrowed the PS2 from a friend (thank you Muse) and rented the game. I never get to play these games simply cause I can't afford them, but it is fun once in a while.

So anyway, we have work tonight to get done. We will be performing Callisto, Solid Brass Heart, Nothing I Can Do and Wicked, along with a few Nirvana tunes thrown in for kicks. I hope we impress tonight.

For studio news, I finished all the guitar and bass tracks for 3 more songs. If we do good tonight, we may be recording again in a different studio. Where, for who, why, and what, I don't know. The music industry is baffling me right now. I may have Jay return to the studio and lay down a few leads on Storybook and Nothing I Can Do.

First things first, are that we need a female bassist. The bassist aspect of it is important, but the female aspect is more that I am sick of being in bands full of guys. Working with Soraya for so long got me used to have a girl on the bass position. Also, it adds a lot of color to the group. If you are interested, please e-mail us at

Spent the day recording at the studio. Finished up the guitars and basslines on several tracks.

We have gained a new guitarist and a possible bassist. Our new guitarist is none other than Jason Kluss. Jay will be working with us on our newest project. NatureDevil may very well be going into a new studio and re-recording all our material with Jay and the new bass player. Check out the mildly updated Bios page.

School is kicking my ass, so expect a better update in a few days. Ciao.

Sorry I have been holding out on updates, but as soon as I returned from the road trip, Chi-town got hit with one of our usual winter snow blasts, quickly followed by 3 below zero weather. Anyway, I spent 2 days shoveling, and my forearms were tired as hell from breaking all the ice, and I just didn't feel like typing a whole lot. They are better.

First things first. The trip was excellent. Indianapolis was nice, Cincinnati could have been better, Louisville didn't offer much and Knoxville was a trip itself. It was when we headed for southeast that I decided to take a detour and go straight through the Smoky Mountains. Man, those things rock. It's funny to see all the people who come up from Florida to play with the snow in the mountains, when the reason I left Chicago was directly because of the damn snow.

After that, we went through Atlanta to Charleston in South Carolina where I was able to board the USS Yorktown after hours, and had the whole fucking WWII aircraft carrier to myself. That was a highlight. Next came Savannah, and then Daytona Beach. I didn't know you could drive your car on the beach!! Hell, all my beaches here are for Lake Michigan, and cars aren't allowed anywhere near it! Anyway, we had a blast from then on, hitting Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami and Key West. Oh, and yes, you can drive to Key West. I never new that!

Next we drove through the Florida Everglades, saw hundreds of alligators roaming everywhere (they are about as prominent down there as squirrels are here) and then stopped to see the USS Alabama and Biloxi. New Orleans and the French Quarter were next, followed up with Jacksonville, Mississippi and Birmingham, Alabama. Finally, home.

Now that I got that out of the way, I can get to band related business. First, I have been in talk with someone from a very prominent record label in the city who wants to work with me. Don't plan on any more updates on that for a while because I am keeping quiet on the subject.

I return to the studio next Thursday to finish up the demo with Josh. I plan on having the bass and most if not all the guitars completed on 2 more songs. I will have a 2 song demo ready by next month.

I purchased tons of new toys, and I am building my own mini studio which should be completed by next week. Computers, software, mixers, microphones; it has been a huge project of mine. I topped everything off by buying myself a brand new Ibinez to play with too, cause I was so good this year. Did I mention I Aced all 3 of my classes this last semester at school?

Finally, Jason Kluss out of nowhere contacted me, and we hung out over the weekend and jammed for a little bit. I would like to work with Jay on some projects, but the way it looks now, he hangs out with people of whom I do not trust and therefore, it looks like I won't be working with Jay on anything serious, because I refuse to risk anything I have worked so hard to gain. But anything is possible.

New Local H and Probot both coming in February! Take care and be safe.

Back. Trip was fun. I have a ton of things in the works right now between several different people, and I have no idea exactly what was going on or how things are going to end up. But I will be busy as hell for the next few months. I'll keep you guys updated on what goes on.

Writing articles, making music, recording, performing.....I am actually happy to be busy right now. Boy, I can see this all come crashing down now as I type.......always the pessimist.

Yes, I am going on my second nationwide tour!!! Kind of. I mean, I am only covering like, 10 states and I am by myself with the acoustic. Who cares though, I am going to Key West for Christmas and New Orleans for New Years, all in one tightly packed road trip.

I bought a brand new digital mixer for myself (lots of cash but oh well) and a brand new Ibinez to play with. Also got a Pignose so I can play at work too. Thus, I will be very busy in the new year. The GHA project is well under way. I am hoping for a spring release of this project to everyone I know. When it is ready, I will post a whole site dedicated strictly to the GHA project. I know people are getting pissed cause they have no idea what it is yet. You'll live.

Interesting things have been sprouting up as of late and I have no idea what to make of any of it. I'll find out for myself after I return. My big thing right now is my side projects, like the GHA, until something bigger comes along.

Oh, I wrote about 3 more songs, too. I really need to update that damn music page. It has fallen behind so much that the list about about half of what actually exists now, which is good, but since none of it is officially released it doesn't matter anyway. I'll update when I get back from NatureDevil Annoys America II. Until then....

Some good news. First, Soraya makes her debut in the studio in the first week in December to record her basslines. It's about time she got in and laid down some tracks, and she has been going in overdrive lately to get her solos in order.

Band photos have been taken (finally) and a few more are on the way. We will DEFINATLY have them scanned and online before Christmas, but I am going to push for as early as next week. There are a ton of these things.

I talked with Margaret Hendricksen, Chicago director who graduated from Columbia, she will be doing our music videos. I am going to pass a demo to her by Christmas before I leave for my trip, and hopefully by January we will get started on some material. I can't wait to see what ideas she has.

The third season of Enterprise gets better and better.

Also, those of you who personally know me will be getting a dose of something called GHA. I can't say what it is yet, but this website will update accordingly. All I can say is I will have it done by January, maybe as early as Christmas, and there is a shitload of work being put into this little side project. Oh, and NO it is not another band. You'll see. Give it time.

I shall update more frequently from now on. The links page is updated again, too. Gotta go.

First, I need to congratulate Andy and Dorothy on their marriage, which takes place this Halloween. In the making for over 4 years, they finally tie the knot. I have spent so much time practicing and rehearsing dancing you'd think I was on a new cardio workout (which I am on also).

I have been in the gym lifting more weight than ever. Aside from the small gut I developed, I have gained incredible strength. Hell, I have been scrawny all my life, I like having the gut. Besides, it will be gone after winter, as always. I am using it to my advantage while I have it to turn as much of it into muscle as I can. Wish me luck. My arms were so dead for 3 days I went to school with ice packs on them.

As for the band, we have been writing songs like crazy, now that we have wonderful Soraya kicking all forms of ass on the bass. Plus, we have been playing Nirvana covers so damn much I sometimes forget which fucking band we are. Hell, we play about 16 Nirvana songs now, I estimate we have 40 down by Christmas.

As for our stuff, I seriously need to update the Music page. It is so out of date. Maybe when I get back from California again. I have no free time at all. Between going to school for 3 classes at one college and 5 at a second one, working out, working in general (I got a raise, yay), recording and practicing and writing music, traveling, and maybe playing a video game or two, I have no free time. But I like it that way. Keeps me occupied.

About the album......heh.....what do you want to know? I can tell you what is recorded and what is not, but there is so much material I have no idea what will end up on it and when we will get it released. Josh is running around everywhere, and eventually we will sit with him and figure out when we can get some final recording and mastering done. but I am not in any hurry right now. I couldn't tour anyway till the summer. Which is what I plan on doing when the time arrives....... this weekend the Muse will take some professional photos with her new camera, and she'll have them developed in the lab by Monday or Tuesday (she might even use some of them in her photography class) and we will update those in a week along with Soraya's bio, as I previously have promised. Until next time....

We return to the studio the first week of October to finish up the songs we started on at the beginning of the summer. In the mean time, we have written several new songs along with fixing up an old one. I think the biggest problem is going to be deciding what goes on the album, and what gets sidelined.

Check out the bios page when you get a chance. Brian got his page rewritten, with some added poetry straight from the horses gullet. Also, the new bio for the brand spanking (and we do mean spanking) new bassist, Soraya should be completed any day now. We may do a small promotional tour throughout the winter to test out some songs. I'd like a late winter album release. We'll see.

Well, we never made it to New York as the entire state had a BLACKOUT!!! So we opted to go to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and see some bears, go hiking by some waterfalls, and take a dip in Lake Superior. Okay, we waded through; that lake is fucking cold. It was a good weekend.

We have picked up a new bass player and her name is Soraya. Not only that but I may have found us a lead guitarist too! First off, Soraya is 23 years old and has been a guitarist for 6 or 7 years now. This is her first time playing bass and her first time in a band. As for the new hopeful for lead guitar, this guy is phenomenal! An amazing lead guitarist and outstanding piano player, he will blow you away with his talents. All I have to do is con him into joining NatureDevil and BAM! we have our final set.

Oh, I have also taken interest into furthering our career yet again. Long story, and I do not want to get into it now. We are still in the studio and may be going to another one later this winter. We'll have to see. Anyway, hope you are doing well. The new season of Enterprise starts this September 10th. I'll start updating here more regularly when school is less of a burden. Ciao for now.

Going to New York next week, and then San Francisco at the end of the month. I also start 4 more classes, to add to the 2 I am taking now. My chest is getting bigger and I think I am starting to slowly lose weight. Agh, I am stressed!!!

But it is the good kind. The new "business" I am starting is on its way to being unleashed. Things are going well and according to plan. As for the album, that keeps slumping.

Our studio guy, Josh, who just got back from his European tour a few weeks ago, is now back at his old school, Berklee College of Music, in Boston. The cool thing is he is teaching there! That rocks. Unfortunately, we are on a second hiatus until he arrives back at the end of the month.

No biggie though, as I have 2 major applicants for bass player right now, one being a good buddy of mine named Joe, and the second is the incredibly hot Soraya. Those of you who know me personally most likely know who Soraya is. Yeah, she said she is gonna give it a shot and I will audition her next week. I hope to hell she sticks. If not, this guy Joe might work out. We will just have to see. I am gonna try to jam with Joe this week.

Oh, and Brian (Zappa) is in Tennessee this week for a huge family reunion. So I am here all alone (yessss). Until next time.....

Whew. The Maquoketa (do doo dee de do) Caves in Iowa fucking rock! To think, after all this time, I would actually find something useful about Iowa. Okay, we traveled to the Mississippi Palisades and crossed the river to the caves in Iowa. I love it. Every other cave around here you have to pay money to get in and be given a gay tour. This, however, was a state park. No money, and no gay tour guide. Just me, nature, and the will to overcome anything and everything. It has been 6 days since I went (yes, I spent Independence Day hiking and climbing) and my abs and legs are still killing me. When you go inside some of these caves, it gets pitch black. You are like, 40 or 50 feet away from any source of light and you need a flashlight with you. Crawling on my stomach, up to my dink in mud and water, it was the best thing I have done in a while. 90 degree weather, heavy humidity and hiking for over 6 hours....I dare your average shmoe to try this for a workout.

Many new interesting things going on. First is the production of my bondage website. Yes, you read that correctly. Also, guitar recording is still in the works, school starts up again for me this week, and Zappa (drummer Brian) needs to get his snare drum repaired. Everything is happening at a slow but comfortable speed. I want to go hiking again back at the caves cause there are a few more to search for (this isn't like a museum, you have to do your own work, and not get killed in the process - no safety nets or velvet ropes here) and possibly hit New York before the end of August.

Oh yeah. Interesting news. Zappa and I discovered we share the same birthday, August 27th. Fuck, that is freaky!

So what is up with you? I will be in the studio recording guitar and bass tracks at the end of the month for some songs that will be used in the production of several music videos. I have a video director from Columbia College here in Chicago. She seems cool, but I am first going to contact an old friend of mine to see if she is interested. She graduated from the same school a few years earlier, and I would appreciate her help. She is extremely talented in directing and she promised she wanted to direct all my bands' music videos years ago, but as of this point I am unsure as to if she is still up to the task. Gimmie a few weeks to hunt her down.

This website is being revamped still, but the main computer work being done involves band photos and band artwork. The cover for the album has been a huge process driving me nuts for weeks now. All the ideas are great, but there are new ideas we use everyday, and old ones that are too great to ignore. The art may appear in the booklet with the album, or as the cover for a single release or upcoming EP. Either way, it won't go to waste.

Oh, and 2 new songs have been written. You know, someday I need to get around to updating the damn music page with the new songs and updated lyrics.....

There will be a few big changes on the website. Mainly, the news and updates page are going to join as one. Here is what is happening this month in a nutshell....

June 20th is a big day. Mancow's book "Dads, Dames, Demons, and a Dwarf" is released nationwide. Incredible Hulk movie, which will suck, is coming out. My friend Tom will officially graduate and become a cop in my hometown. oh, and the newest Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" is released (I have it on preorder of course). Oh, and the second season of Monk airs that evening on the USA network.

It is also the 4 year mark of when my best friend Rob Mirabella was killed. The Robert Frost poem on the main page says it all. I plan on having a small dedication to him in the album jacket somewhere.

Studio man Josh is back from touring all over Europe and has moved us into a brand new studio for the remainder of our recording. Things are piecing together nicely. Besides that, Zappa and I will be playing a few acoustic performances this month to get him used to playing shows and performing in front of a crowd, as small as the crowd may be. I bid thee farewell, and I will post another update as soon as anything else of interest happens.

The new "Weird Al" album PoodleHat is as good as expected. The Local H EP titled No Fun is 6 songs, 3 of which are covers. There are 2 good originals on it, but don't pay more than $5 for it. As for us in NatureDevil, we are going into a small hiding as we continue recording the record. New material has been written and might appear on the record. The problem with writing new music is you suddenly have a bigger collection of stuff to choose from for an album. Oh well. I am off to Detroit this weekend to fuck around and play some acoustic stuff. Have fun and don't kill anyone. There are some surprises around the corner....okay, nothing big....but it will make you laugh when you see it. Adios.

Our studio guy is still on tour, but lots of things are taking place. First, I tried out for the bass player position in a local band called PGS. The band is pretty cool, I like the members, but I hate the basslines from the old bassist. Without sounding too egotistical, I honestly think I could help the band sound a lot better just by adding some new flavor to it. But that is the opinion of a bassist who wants to play in a band badly.

An ex girlfriend stepped into the picture. And yes, I feel a little depressed, but I'll live.

Bachelor's Grove, the site of our first music video. I will put some links up on the appropriate page as so you can identify yourself with the place. But for now, here is the summary: Bachelor's Grove is a cemetery on the south side of Chicago. It is almost 200 years old and contains about 80 plots in it. It is not visible from any road, you literally have to park your car and roam for 10 to 15 minutes before you find it. It has been declared many times as "the most haunted spot in the world." So of course we had to go digging in it (not literally). It's a nice place, but it is frequented often by the locals who go to burn shit or do stupid cult crap. Other than that, it might be cool to take some footage there for a video and see what pops up on camera.

We are mostly focusing in on finishing the record. A couple things are in the works right now. First is the chick bassist. No official word on that yet. Secondly, there is some new pics that shall be arriving to the website soon. You'll get a kick out of them I am sure. And finally, a scripted idea for our first video is underway and I am hoping to start production on this video in the late summer or early fall, as the whether is an important factor here. I have lots of calls to make, our studio guy is on tour in Europe for a few weeks, and I am taking my guitar in for some repairs and upgrades. You know, bullshit stuff. Speaking of which, check out the links page for some new links.

Incase you didn't notice yet, both band members have their biographies up on the bios page. Also, there is a much needed update on the news page. I also have cleaned out and added some stuff to the links page. Good luck.

Bam! Brian and I will be in the studio recording some drum tracks on April 6th, and then Josh, our studio guy is heading off to Europe on tour with his band. Lots of stuff happening but don't have time now to write it all. Check back in a few days.

Updated the bios section for Brian, the drummer. Check it out. I might be going on a few U.S. tours this summer with another band, but nothing is set in stone yet so I can't say anything for sure. Trust me, when it happens, you'll know.

Update in the news section. Just your basic stuff. Oh wait, I might go on a U.S. tour.....

Tentative studio date for some drum tracks is the 8th of March. Oh, and I bought myself a brand new Boss TU-2 tuner pedal. Yeah. Nice. So now I can keep in tune on stage more. I updated every page, in some small way, so it is worth digging around.

Wow. Lots has happened. Took a 3 week road trip, from Chicago, to Springfield, St. Louis, Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, San Diego, Oceanside, Muscle Beach (fuck yeah), Santa Monica, Malibu, San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, Sausalito, Santa Cruz (including the mountains), Reno, Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Denver, Lincoln, Omaha, Des Moines, and back to Chicago. And oh, did I fuck around everywhere. Don't worry, I took photos. It may take a while till I get the cash to develop all the film. Anyway, check the news page for specific band updates and my personal bitching.

Another update in the news section plus a second tour date to look at. Knock yourselves out.

I have a major update in the news section plus a tour date to look at, so have fun.

I have updated the news page and I took down the naked in the forest pictures on the pictures page after having one person think those 2 guys where still in the band and after some guy started to have homophobic tendencies, or something. I don't know, really. The guy was weird, and paranoid. Anyway, that's it for now.

Howdy all. I have updated the news page and the links page. Check them out.

Pictures pages work great. New pictures added soon.

Hello. Welcome to the NatureDevil website. This is it's first official online release since 1999 when it was last used as a website for my former band. Well, 3 bands ago, I should say. Every page is updated so it is worth checking out everything. Trouble with the picture pages as the stupid thumbnails won't open up, but I am tackling that now as you read this. Have fun and thanks for your support.


I have been writing the news updates on the updates page from now on, so click here till I straighten everything out.


Lots of interesting stuff. Shall I give you all details? Okay, here we go, try to keep up....

....NatureDevil is going to the studios to record the album nonstop this year to hopefully get it finished by Christmas. We do some drum tracks on April 6th with studio man Josh Brill. On a side note, there is a new Simpsons episode that day with special guest "Weird Al" in the episode in some way, shape or form....

....for those of you who don't know Josh, he is our studio guy. Josh graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston and teaches guitar there part time. He does a lot of stuff and keeps busy, including a tour he has planned in Europe next month. When he gets back, we will try to get the drums for the rest of the album. You can check out his personal website at and wish him luck....

....I myself am hoping to gain a bass player position in a band called PGS, signed onto Be Mine Records (I believe). They are a semi professional band I would love to play in, and they are in need of a serious bass player who would be dedicated to the band. Hell, I have given up so much in my life to play in crappy bands, this wouldn't be that hard as I am dedicated in everything I do, but first I need to convince them of that. Wish me luck that they will try me out and accept me. If they do, I could be leaving on a tour with them as early as the end of next month. Time to polish up the bass....

....I'll end this update with some commentary. I support the liberation of Iraq. I am behind our President 100% because this is not the time to be arguing and blaming people. I see idiots here in Chicago and on TV who are protesting the war, and they do not even have the correct information on the subject. Some people do not even know who the leader of Iraq is, or what we are fighting about. People still believe it is about oil, when that is proven to be false. We had the oil in 1991 and didn't take it then, we only get 7% of our oil from the Iraqi's anyway, and with the billions of dollars a day we are spending on this war, it would have been cheaper to just buy every last drop of oil. My point is, learn as much as you can about this situation, and no matter what you believe, support our troops. They are braver than any of us, and they put their lives on the line every day to defend our freedoms. You know, those freedoms that we have that makes every other country in the world jealous of us. Yeah, those freedoms. So support them.


I have been invited to go on a nationwide tour with a local band. I cannot disclose the name of the band yet because nothing is set in stone, but I would jump in a second to play with them. I would be playing bass, and that is one of my true passions. But only time will tell.

Oh, and more tentative studio dates have been set. I am thinking 12 to 16 songs on the album. The more songs, the shorter a few of them will be. Plus I am working on the final track, which I have suddenly gotten very particular about. Eh, we'll see......


Howdy. Been a while. Between the last updates (which were lost) I managed to go to California, get a new studio setup, get myself enrolled and started at NorthEastern Illinois, and get a new computer. Yeah, I am keeping myself busy. So let's get to business.....

.....there is a "Funky Extravaganza" art and music show taking place Saturday, February 22 at 9pm at Cafe Lura located at 3184 N. Milwaukee. $10 admission/donation. I was invited by a good buddy of mine who is hosting this event and I am hoping to meet many new people and possibly make some connections while I am there. There is a possibility that this buddy of mine may even be playing some lead guitar in NatureDevil. He 's really good, and I could use him.....

.....I am still auditioning bass players, but I think I may have found the one I am looking for.....

.....there are "NatureDevil Nuggets" that I have been writing as of late that are appearing on the House of Muse website at If you haven't checked it out already, it is recommended that you do. She is the one behind the redesign of this site.....

.....and finally, we are in a new studio and are being recorded by a man named Josh Brill. Josh was a student from the famous Berklee school of music in Boston. He is a great guitarist, specifically mastering in fusion rock, and teaches during his free time in the summer at the great college. I am very excited about this project now, and finally it seems, an album will be in the near future!! Thanks for checking the site, and I look forward to seeing you guys at a show or two this summer. Thanks for your support.

Today was my recording project for my old astronomy teacher at Triton college. I got to jam to 3 recorded tracks with this girl Valerie, who looked incredibly hot today in these tiny shorts (she shaved her legs and wore them just for me). So yes, standing next to her and trying to play guitar was rather difficult. Damn she is hot, I wish I brought a camera. Oh yeah, I forgot to bring a pick with me too, so it sounds like shit cause I strummed with a penny. Yeah, I know, I suck.

The songs we did included "Main Sequence Blues" which is a parody of the Jason Kluss classic "Summertime Blues" which I play bass on anyways. You can hear Jay playing the original version at when you get a chance. I also revamped an old Cheesedog Originals tune, and finally we did a haiku were I strummed some chords in a key of E minor. I should have a copy of this performance online sometime between now and January....hopefully much sooner than that.

Rich and I return to the studio August 17th.