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Local Bands and Musicians We've Played With

Arno Hachaduryan
Arno has spent the last few years mastering the art of music engineering and production on the west coast, and this is his virtual online resume for all his skills and accomplishments.
Jason Kluss
Yup. Jay has a website. I still update it and everything, but it is focused more on Jay's material than anything else.
The Lazy Cocoon
Arno developed this barinchild of his a few years ago, sharing music from all genres with everyone, building up his massive index of contacts and doing his part to share great music with everyone.

Favorite Bands and Musicians

Local H
Pack Up the Cats is still my favorite record of all time, but Scott Lucas' newer stuff hasn't been as good, and he keeps reminding me of it at his shows, so I kinda stopped going.

"Weird Al" Yankovic
My hero, Weird Al. This is the webpage hosted by the drummer of his band. You can't get any better than this.

Foo Fighters
Live acoustic Foo Fighters rock, and Wasting Light is probably the best album they have ever made.

There is no possible way to explain Beck in one sentence. He is one of the greatest musicians at doing just about everything.

Nirvana does not need a summary. This band brought me to where I am today.

Dubbed the "grand-daddies of grunge" Soundgarden is (was) one of the worlds' most original sounding bands ever to grace the rock n' roll stage. Apparently they are getting back together this year for a tour... maybe an album??

I'm a bass player, and I have the greatest respect for Les Claypool.

Who? The Eels. Well, it is mostly one guy who kinda meshes this weird music together. Kinda trippy stuff that closely resembles Beck, more or less. Really good albums, but you have to be into that sleeper-rock kinda attitude to appreciate it. Can't wait for the new stuff in August.

Ben Folds
I love Ben Folds, and almost everything he does. His live stuff is some of the best, and his piano playing with knock you out.

System of a Down
I love the original sound of this quirk-metal band and think the last two records are spectacular. I love a band with a good solid dedication to world politics, even if I don't always agree with them. Usually I don't.

Other Sites to Check Out

Harry Potter
Yes, I read the whole series. MAYBE I'll watch the movies someday.

Robert Ludlum
Excellent author when it comes to thriller action novels. With 21 novels under his belt spanning 3 decades, all NYT best sellers, he is worth checking out. This is the guy who created the Bourne trilogy.

Chuck Palahniuk
The author of Fight Club, he also has written great masterpieces such as Survivor, Choke, and most recently Rant.

Douglas Adams
Some of the most original science fiction writing you'll ever read coupled with ridiculous British humor that keeps you entertained. The man who penned the increasingly inaccuratly titled "Hitchhiker's Trilogy" as well as the Dirk Gently novels is one of my favorite authors of all time.
Firefly - Serenity
I loved this show, and was excited to hear about the movie. Caught it on the midnight release and it rocked! The comics that have followed are nice, but I will always mourn the series.

Bachelor's Grove
Local Chicago haunted hot spot with world recognition. This is a cool page, but you really need to check all the links on it to get the most out of it. I've made several visits myself; some included torches.

The Libertarian Party
Sick of Republicans and Democrats? I am very passionate about politics and take pride in my passion of it. This is the Libertarian Party, and you might find what you are looking for here.
A great libertarian video website project with weekly postings by libertarian thinkers, including Drew Carey. I subscribe to Reason magazine, whose motto is 'Free minds, Free markets.

Victor Davis Hanson
One of my all-time favorite writers, Victor Davis Hanson is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, a professor emeritus at California University, Fresno, and a nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services. His recollection if history is unmatched.

Nutrition Discounters
Independent business just outside Chicago, they have a retail store and they sell online. This is the only place I go for vitamins, minerals, herbs and protein, and the people here know their stuff.

Game FAQ's
Suck at video games? This is the place.

Rock Star Games
These guys come up with some of the best games out there, including the Grand Theft Auto series, the Max Paine series, the Warriors and my personal favorite, Manhunt.

Beyond the Cameras Lens
This is a fan site dedicated to one of my favorite video games, the Fatal Frame series. Available on both X Box and Playstation, Tecmo came through well with this collection.

Star Trek
Enterprise is cancelled, and I am depressed about it. Well, now I have some free time to catch up on my DS9 and TOS.

Penn and Teller
My favourite magicians, they put on an excellent show.

Bad Astronomy
I am a physics and astronomy nut. This website was built by someone who shared the same interests as me and was annoyed by people in the world who report false or misleading information about our favorite field of interest.

Astronomer Joe
This is a bulletin board for local Chicago Astronomers run by Astronomer Joe, who is a guy who heads down by the lake every once in a while with his telescope to give people a chance at a glance in the heavens. Sign up and meet some interesting people, it's very friendly.

Digital Blasphemy
The guy at this site is a great digital artist, he has a free gallery and a members gallery. Take a peek, and you'll see why I had to add this to my links page.

Liam's Memorial Foundation
This is the website dedicated to Liam Hammond, who died at 9 months of age from Krabbe disease. The parents, Terry and Scott, host events around the midwest to raise awareness of this disease through events and concerts they host (and we have played at), and you can learn more about the disease and their cause at their site.

Radio Stations That Play Us

Performed live on The Morning Fix with interview and all from Host Alan Cox. Fook also featured us one Monday afternoon in his Alternate Universe, and Sherman played us on his brand new music showcase. We reeped many benefits from it. Thanks Fook!! Thanks Sherman!! Thanks Alan Cox!!!!
Razor and Di on WLUW
Razor and Di on 88.7 FM in Chicago WLUW not only play us, but they invited us into the studio for a live performance.
Fearless Radio
This is a chicago based worldwide online radio station. They spin our stuff and even brought us in for a few live acoustic studio performances. Check out the site and dig around in the forums for a while and you'll learn all about Fearless Radio.
Rebel Radio
If you live in Chicago and you love the heavy shit, you know who these guys are. Rebel Radio has been going strong for over twelve years, and they proudly play NatureDevil.

Extra Special Thanks

MCSE Forum
This site is run by the guy hosting the NatureDevil site. It's a support forum for aspiring and practicing MCSE's.
The World Was Once Flat
The Muse now interviews musicians, studio engineers and others who work in the music world in Chicago.
Safety Signs and Lighting
Purchase all of your emergency sign lighting from my online business.