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Who is NatureDevil?
NatureDevil is an insignificant little musician from Chicago who has managed to make his life interesting through music. Since high school, I have played bass in bands around the city all the while writing and performing original material with my band. Both the band and I go by the name NatureDevil.

What kind of music is it?
To put it simply: rock. You will hear elements of metal, blues, jazz, punk, emo, grunge, classical, and even some hip hop. It changes all the time, and it makes it very versatile. NatureDevil can play at a metal club with some very loud bands and hold his own or go to a cafe in the city and play acoustic to that same degree. All of it comes from the heart.

That doesn't help. So like, what kind of band is NatureDevil most similar to?
You know those bands where the lead singer screams the whole time and you have no idea what he is saying, while the band bangs away in drop D tuning? We do that. You know those whiney punk bands that sing lyrics that sound like they came from a depressed off 8th grader? We do that too. Those bands you hear on the radio where the lead singer sounds like he needs a Sudafed? Yup. Or bands that sing rock ballads with sweeping solos in them? Got it covered. I told you, it's kind of a mess...

Does NatureDevil play any covers?
Like any other band, we have bills to pay, so yes, we do play covers. Not normal covers like "Sweet Home Alabama" or "Freebird" but stuff from Green Day, Offspring, Bloodhound Gang, Radiohead, lots of Nirvana and a little old school rock once in a great while. Depends on who we are playing in front of. We prefer to play our stuff.

How many original songs are there in total?
Well over 50. An album is way overdue.

Is NatureDevil signed to a record label?
No. Although there have been recordings done with DeMented Recordings and Million Yen Studios, as well as working directly with Victory Records, there are no official record deals signed anywhere and NatureDevil is a free agent.

Where has NatureDevil played at in the city?
NatureDevil himself has played in bands that have graced the stages of everywhere from the Thirsty Whale (R.I.P.) to the Riviera. With the current lineup, and our current touring, the places NatureDevil has played in the last few years include, but are not limited to (because my memory sucks):

The Double Door
Q101 Lava Lamp Love Lounge>br> Martyr's
The Note
The Congress Theater
Pennyroad Pub
Elbo Room
Bird's Nest
Riley's Rockhouse
Bar Vertigo
Nite Cap Lounge
The Big Horse
U.S. Beer Co.
Red Line Tap
Good Times
Something's Brewing
Jefferson Tap
Cal's Liquors
Tiger O'Stylies
Tonik Bar
The Cubby Bear
Sean's Rhino
Gallery Cabaret
Champ's Rockroom
Sun Cafe
Cafe Amante
The Mutiny
Uncommon Ground
Nelly's Piper (Stage 83)
Guess Hookah Lounge
The 46 Zone
Palace Billiards well as countless outdoor events, partries, open mic nights, last minute calls, benefits and community events. I already know we'll be adding at least half a dozen new venues to our list before the summer starts. We keep very busy.

Where can I hear NatureDevil music?
NatureDevil is currently in rotation with Rebel Radio and WLUW here in Chicago, Internet radio pioneers have had us live in the studios and WLUW brought us in on "the Razor and Di Show" for a live performance as well. We were featured on Q101 once by Fook and once by Sherman. Q101's Morning Fix show had us in more recently to perform a few songs live.

So you guys don't have a record?
I'm getting to it. I am releasing three records in 2011; a full length album of 15 or so original songs, a 5 song LP made up of songs written with or by other people, and a live record including tracks from both records and new stuff.

How can I get up to date info on NatureDevil?
You had to ask.... sign up for the mailing list. Send an e-mail to and simply ask. E-mails come out roughly once or twice a month, if that. You won't get spammed at all, I promise. Other than that, keep this site on your favorites and check back often. The site is updated often.